Monday, February 27, 2012

Nayab and her master piece

My student, Nayab is from India. She came to Singapore last year and is now working in Singapore . She loves miniature so much and used to use play dough to make fake food in India as clay is difficult to get in her country.

She learnt from basic and now she is able to make her own doll houses as showed below.

This is Nayab's first lesson and she has made her first piece of miniature art work." Happy Birthday"
             She is holding her master pieces : the Ancient Kitchen and the mini noodles stall.

she is concentrating on her mini stall 

She has made the miniature kitchen and she made some clay food and placed it on top.

Nayab and her master pieces

Top view of the ancient oven, she added some other miniature food at home beside what I have
 taught her.

This is the mini vision of my hawker stall. 

Step by step , you can also make your own stall like Nayab. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Miniature Ice Kachang

Singapore 's desserts are so colorful and Delicious. for example Ice Kachang. It is so good to have one in a hot day.

This is my handmade clay food: Miniature Ice Kachang. Hope you like it.

                                              Miniature clay food : Ice Kachang.

                  At the bottom of the transparent bowl, you can see I have put in some liquid milk and strawberries. Of course this cannot be eaten although it looks so............delicious!


                  On top of this miniature clay ice kachang , I put some corns with milk on top .

              From my hand, you can see that the size of this miniature ice kachang is slightly bigger than the one I used to make. The size of this ice kachang is about 4 cm in height.

                To make it looks more real and nice, I added my handmade metal spoon too.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Clay Food Model/ Replicas - Curry Chicken

I love curry so much although I cannot eat too spicy food and curry chicken is always my first choice when buying 杂菜饭(mixed vegetable rice)

The picture below shows my handmade clay food : curry chicken. This is a real size curry chicken  ( slightly bigger than the real one) It looks good but so sorry cannot be eaten.

I will make the same design in miniature size for myself when I am not so busy. I cannot make the same thing twice because it is handmade,  every piece of my art work, no matter it is mini or big ,good or bad , it is the same to me as they are all made  from my heart and my both hands. I love them all!

                                     My handmade clay food:  curry chicken  

    From the top view of the clay food model , you can see the clay chicken , clay  potato and  clay curry   leaves

        The plate use for this clay food model is very big, so I have to make the clay food slightly bigger to match the plate.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Donuts Lover

I have made this little donuts house yesterday. It is a mini shop selling miniature donuts & cakes. It is a good present for someone who love donuts very much.

This is a great valentine  present for your love one ( well, a bit too lit for valentine) but you can still can give this as a birthday present or other occasions.

      Do it you own , make the present more special and unique, decorate with your own ideas and let me help you to fulfill your dream house.

         From my hand, you can see how big is this cute little house. You can make whatever things you like to put into this little house/store.

                            From the side view to see this miniature donuts shop

          The miniature donuts are handmade by me and if you are interested in making this cute little house with other themes such as, pastries shop, handbag, japanese lamen shop etc, let me help you . Within 3 lessons you can bring back you handmade own sweet shop. (course fee will depends on what type of shop you want to make)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Miniature sundae

Do you like Ice cream? I love it so much.
I have made a bowl of five miniature popular flavors of ice cream! Look delicious but cannot be eaten!
Which flavor do you like most? 

                                       My handmade miniature ice cream

    You can see from the photo shows above , below the miniature ice cream there are 3 layers of colors.
    Right at the bottom is jelly with miniature fruits, the centre layer is the white cream and the top layer is  the chocolate.

         This miniature sundae beside ice cream, I also made some miniature fruits such as kiwi, strawberries etc I also made mini biscuits for the ice cream.

                                  I give this miniature sundae to this cute little dog.

Monday, February 6, 2012

kurh making event at White Sands & Asia malls

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This is an event held at White Sands .  The kids were making kueh magnets with clay. Most of them are first time using clay to make miniature kueh and they are so happy when they finished the box of minature kuehs.

The last event of this kueh making was held at Centraly Square on 21st Jan 2012 at 130pm.

Below are some of the photos taken during the event at different shopping malls.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Clay Food Model/ Replicas - Assam Sotong

I am not a professional food model maker but I try my best to make it as similar as possible as I treat every single piece of clay food/model  as an art piece, all handmade  with my passion and love.

PS: Food models/replicas are artificial or fake food for displaying purpose 

This is another piece of clay food model I have made it few weeks ago. I like it very much but not with me now.
If you want to see the real piece of art work, please visit Nex shopping centre 4f foodmall, Fu Xiang Kitchen. By the way, their food are really fantastic. ( I went to try the real food, curry chicken after I have made the models for them) .Try it , you will love it.

I also made a mini miniature clay food assam sotong on a mini plate for myself.

                         my handmade clay food model/mock up : Assam Sotong in hot plate.
                  This clay food replica/mock up is  Sotong with assam sauce in a hot metal plate.

This Assam Sotong clay food model consists of tomato  , spring onion, carrot slice , onion and lime. These are all made with clay, it is just a food sample/model  not for eating. just for display use.

This is the first time I use a real hot pan to make such a big clay food. It used up a lot of clay as the the food inside is quite big and also need to make more , in order to look tasty.

               From my finger at the left hand side, you can see how big is this clay food model.