Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Miniature Fried Rice

This miniature fried rice with fried egg and pork chop was done quite sometimes ago but it still look good (fresh) , as long as you keep them properly, most of the handmade miniature items can last for years ...

My handmade miniature fake  fried rice with fake pork chop and egg

There are many ways of making fake rice, but I always love to make them one by one... and to make  the miniature fake pork or chicken chop looks crispy.....you need to come for lesson and hands on....

This is a 1: 8 scale miniature size, I seldom make this size unless requested because to me this size is a bit too big for collection. And because it is big, everything you see must be very perfect and extremely detailed,  but it is also easier to make as it is big!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Chinese New Year 2015 (1)

These are some of my custom made order for CNY, miniature mandarin oranges, 年糕, 发糕, 金元宝,etc.  Wishing all of you have a promising and fulfilling  Chinese New Year.

My handmade baofa (包 发 = 包子+发糕)  金袋, 橘子 , 元宝, 

My handmade miniatur 年糕,and  mandarin oranges. 

Instead of sweet candy we use to eat during chinese new year, I made the sweet mini nonya kuehs .

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Miniature Ice Cream/ Sundae

To make a miniature Ice cream sundae is a bit difficult for a beginner, as to squeeze the whipped cream nicely out from a tube or tool need a lot of practice.  I have wasted a lot of fake cream when  practicing to squeeze the cream nicely.

Below is my handmade miniature fake ice cream sundae, hope you like it.

My handmade miniature ice cream sundae 

close look at my handmade fake ice cream sundae, the chocolate sauce is done by me and it looks so real and delicious........ 

The plastic mini glass is about 7 cm in height. 

I added 3  different colours of layer  of ice cream and some chocolate sauce (all are fake)   and then I squeezed in the fake whipped cream and put  my handmade mini strawberry to decorate it. You can also add in your favourite fruits like kiwi, banana or biscuits/cookies.  

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Miniature Clay Figurine: 美少女 (doll)

Beside making miniature clay fake food, I also love to handmade miniature clay figurines. Below showed the miniature  美少女 (dolls) that I made during the time I made the MRT train figurines (for Hometeam NS).

My handmade miniature  美少女


It is fun to make different hair style for these little  美少女

The height for this mini doll is about 5 cm, the others are about 6 to 7 cm

See how mini they are!

My handmade miniature clay  美少女 (dolls) with Ah Gong holding a heart. ( all handmade except the wooden base) 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Handmade Singapore Gift

Below showed my recently handmade singapore gift, a local dish: popiah on a mini plate with a mini cup of coffee on a metal tray, behind is a magnet.  A very unique gift for a friend who loves popiah!

All are handmade using clay except the plates, cup and tray. 

Singapore gift : local dish, popiah and coffee

My handmade miniature Singapore  gift. 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome 2015- Miniature Figurines on MRT

Welcome 2015, SG50  and Happy New Year !

Have you read this article on Straits Times (theSundaytimes) dated on 21st Dec 2014? although this news belong to last year (2014) but the campaign will continue till March 2015. To me, this is  really a big news as my name was mentioned in the newspaper because I made the miniature figurines of policemen and firefighters and others.

All these miniature figurines are very unique and they look similar but not the same,  handmade 20000 pieces in a short time is really ,really  not easy. I hope you like them!

I like to thanks all of my friends that helping  me in this big project. Thank you very much.

The Straits Time dated 21st Dec 2014 page 4

My handmade miniature figurines of policemen and firefighters and other 7 types of figurines. 

Get these free miniature figurines on the train.

Pick up these 9 types of  miniature figurines on MRT train, they are free till March 2015.