Thursday, September 27, 2012

My young student: Jolin

Do you still remember the little girl, Jolin? She is 9 years old. She had a few lessons with me during the school holiday and she came to my work shop again and made this beautiful art piece.

               These miniature clay breads need at least 2 layers of coloring/painting after shaping the clay ,  
               she is only 9 years old and did so well on the mini bread.

                                            Well done ! Jolin  .

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Wishing all of my dear friends : 中秋节快乐!

The Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese lunar calendar. (Next Sunday) On this day, offering of mooncakes, grapefruit, /pomelo , Chinese tea etc are made to deities and ancestors.

This is also a day celebrated with family gatherings, prayers and a lantern parade by children. 中秋节 is a public holiday in Hong kong, Taiwan and China. It is  a big day to all Chinese.

I have made a mini box for my handmade miniature moon cake to celebrate the festival. and also added a newly made 柚子(grapefruit or pomelo ), look delicious but cannot be eaten!

 Happy Moon Cake Festival!

My handmade miniature clay moon cake ( I didn't use any mold to make these)

The one showed below was done by my advance student, Connie , step by step , everyone can make it!

               These are the traditional moon cakes, without using any mold, I use my own method to 
                  make these miniature moon cake.

                This is my newly made mini moon cakes for all of you!  Just for looking! (no mold at all)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mini Ice Kachang

I have made miniature local dessert , ice kachang before in a bigger size. This time I used a different container to display my handmade mini clay ice kachang as showed below. Hope you like this.

                    My handmade local dessert: miniature clay Ice kachang

                              Instead of plate, I use a bowl to put my mini ice kachang, and  I also didn't
                             put the milk on top, just corn only.

                           I have made a real size ice kachang as requested , you can search my blog and take
                           a look. I love that too!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Birthday Party Event

I was invited to a birthday part to conduct a clay craft lesson for the kids last Sat.
The theme for the party was "Bear" , I was asked to teach them to decorate the wine glass as requested.
I do have fun with these kids and their master piece , I think as a kid is very well done.

                         The theme of the birthday party is  " BEAR". These are my handmade bears !


                                      She is the Birthday Girl, (on my left) celebrating her 8 years old birthday.

This little boy done very well!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Miniature mini Moon Cake

The Moon cake festival is coming soon. I have made some new clay mini moon cakes. Without using any moon cake mold, I used my own method created these mini clay moon cakes,so they are not perfectly same size ( I try my best to make them same size) . Hope you like it. I myself love them very much, I have made different shapes, some round, some oval and I try the square moon cake too.

Learn how to make these mini clay moon cake in Advance level.

Here come my handmade mini clay moon cakes, for display only!

       The colorful one on the left is the 冰皮月饼 ,the top part is not clear enought.  You see, they are not the same at all because No mold is using, I made them one by one.

I like this square mini clay moon cake, the only one I have made.

These mini clay moon cakes are much much smaller than the one I have made last year. (sorry the pictures was not shown on the blog as I haven't replaced it yet)

The most important thing is to colour/high lighting the moon cake. I have not put on the varnish yet and 
they do not look delicious at all. I have also make a box for them but I can't remember where I put it. 

See, how small these miniature clay moon cake are!

I put an fake yolk inside my handmade mini clay 冰皮月饼.

PS: for those who are searching my last year moon cake photos, I am sorry I still cannot find which file I have keep . so sorry, will replace as soon as I found it.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mini Icing biscuits

I have told you that as requested I have made the mini kueh tutu and mini icing biscuits in my last blog.

Here comes my handmade super mini clay icing biscuits.

       These super mini Icing biscuits was once my favouite snack when I was young.  But the icing bicuits
     cannot be eaten as they are my handmade clay icing biscuits.

See, how small they are! I do not make many as too small and I made them one by one , the colour of the  icing is a bit difficult to get it nice and right.

           A plate of my handmade clay mini icing biscuits. These are the famous snack when were young , may be because of the beautiful colours that make the "watcher " happy.  Hope you are happy by just watching my handmade kueh tutu and icing biscuits and others.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mini kueh tutu

I am quite busy these few days , I try to make new things but my new orders keep coming in :). Below is one of the custom made items.

Without using any tutu mold I have made these miniature mini clay kueh tutu. I have make the real size 2 years ago and stop for making tutu till now. AS requested to make them small I used my own method to create these mini kueh tutu,

For the mini clay icing biscuits is my first try, the out come is not too bad and because these are very small (about 1 cm) the icing is a bit difficult to get. (will post on my next blog)

Hope you like these mini kueh tutu.

As you can see, they look similar abut if you look closely, they are different. because
I do not use mold but my own method to make them.

                                  I like this one , the best among all mini kueh tutu.

                 Did you find any different? I have changed the base, the mini leaf, They look different again
               after changing.

                      The big /real size clay kueh tutu (using a real mold) was make 2 years ago and beside it is   a mini clay kueh tutu smaller than a five cent coin.