Saturday, August 30, 2014

Miniature Sandwich Ice Cream

Do you know, one of the thing that in the 100 things you must do when you are travelling in singapore, is to eat the sandwich ice cream on the street? Here comes the miniature sandwich ice cream .

miniature sandwich ice cream

Miniature biscuits ice cream 

super mini miniature sandwich ice cream

Mini miniature ripple vanilla biscuit ice cream 

My handmade clay miniature sandwich ice cream 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Happy Miniature Family

Recently, I promised a friend to make a miniature wawa/doll for her niece, in order to make a cute little girl, I really look at her niece picture for a long time , so that I can get the image into my mind. although I made my miniature dolls in my own cartoon style, I like to add something on to reflect the person's image that I am making.

My handmade miniature family

this is the cute little miniature girl that have I done  recently for my friend

Her height  is about 5 cm 

Happy Miniature Family

Friday, August 22, 2014

Miniature Popiah

Popiah, a very popular snack in singapore, you can make your own popiah at home, for me , I make the fake one, miniature clay popiah! Yes, is made of CLAY, air dry clay.  this is not the first time I did, but I have improved the skill of making it and it looks much better than the previous one. Hope you like it!

Miniature clay Popiah

this miniature popiah is about 2.5 cm long 

My handmade miniature popiah. spring roll

One of my favourite singapore local food: popiah

Monday, August 18, 2014

Miniature Oyster Mee Sua & Kong Ba Pau

Have you ever seen a miniature oyster mee sua? recently due to request , I made this mini fake oyster together with the mee sua.  I myself quite satisfied with this mini oyster mee sua, what about you?  also due to request, I have done this mini kong ba pau too. ( pork slices with steamed buns)

My handmade miniature oyster mee sau ,kong ba pau , chicken rice and coffee 

                              My handmade miniature oyster mee sau and kong ba pau 

Miniature oyster mee sua 

Miniature kong bak pau (  pork slices with steamed bun)

Miniature oyster, the size is about 1 cm 

This is a 20 cent coin plate with mini kong bak pau and veggie 

Miniature steamed chicken rice with cucumber, tomato , black sauce and chilli 

I make the cup with coffee, as requested to make the cup in bigger size . 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Miniature spaghetti , western mee vs Chinese Mee

I love noodles so much,  no matter they are in  Indian style, Malay style, Chinese style or Italian style , as long as they are delicious, all are my favourite. So I made miniature noodles in different style too.

My miniature western noodles vs chinese style noodles, all done by air dry clay, not for eating!

Miniature  spaghetti Bolognese and fish ball noodles

                              This Miniature Pad Thai  is about a 20 cents coin size

My handmade miniature spaghetti bolognese

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Miniature Western Food: Steak & Spaghetti

I seldom make miniature western food unless requested,  I like to eat spaghetti but not so often. Below showed my handmade miniature steak and spaghetti I made recently.

My handmade miniature western food : steak  and spaghetti

Miniature steak

Mini steak with veggie

My handmade miniature spaghetti

This miniature spaghetti is about a 50 cent coin.  

Friday, August 8, 2014

Miniature Gyoza Dumpling (锅贴)

I love gyoza dumpling so much and never think of making them into fake one, until one day a lady asked me to make one for her.  Here comes my Miniature gyoza dumpling.  I like to eat them with  cool drink ,so I made a very tasty miniature fruit drink to go with.

My favourite gyoza dumpling with tasty soft drink

This is a scale 1: 12 size gyoza dumpling  /锅贴

After making one than I started to make a lot: my handmade miniature 锅贴or gyoza dumpling
You can request me to make more darker colour on the base, ( over burnt effect looks a bit dirty, so I do not paint too much) 

Miniature  Gyoza Dumpling (锅贴) and mini vinegar with ginger  

Monday, August 4, 2014

My Handmade Mini Nonya Basket

There are many ready made miniature doll house supplies  you can buy online, but sometimes, you just cannot find the right size, the right item that your doll house need, so what can you do? for me, I will just make one for it. Below show a super mini nonya basket I made for special occasion.
After making such a mini nonya basket, you need to special make supper mini fruits for that!

Miniature nonya basket made recently 

My handmde miniature nonya basket

handmade mini food needed for mini basket 

My handmade super mini miniature nonya basket 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Custom-made triplets doll

To me, every single piece of handmade art work is unique and one and only one in the world.   They may look similar but not the same., I try my best to make these miniature triplets as similar as possible, but still you can see some different.

Handmade may not look so nice and neat compare to machine made or 3D printing, but to me, handmade is full of love and passion and of course, your highly concentration. These handmade food or figurines look so different when they place together with the machine made figurines.

handmade triplets doll ( my client request for no smiling face :(  )

Miniature dolls without expression!!

I like  lovely miniature doll but I must do what my clients request to full-fill their wish. 

Doll's height about 4-5 cm 

One by one, I made and these 2 mini dolls look like twin...