Thursday, May 29, 2014

Penang Fried Kway Teow vs Satay Beehoon

These few miniature clay food: penang fried kway teow and satay beehoon was made by request. I never eat penang fried kway teow before, but from the photos, they have prawns and the colour is a bit reddish.

My handmade miniature Penang Fried Kway Teow

I made a mini banana leaf for  the kway teow .

this is a mini version of satay beehoon. 

The fake beehoon takes quite some time to finish. They are so tiny and thin .

I like the peanut sauce , you can see i put a lot on it. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Mini Roasted Chicken & Suckling Pig

In my whole life I only see a real suckling pig once if I am not wrong. The head of a real suckling pig does not look good to me so when I made a fake suckling pig, I made them in a cute way.  so it won't look so scary .  I also made a mini roasted chicken and to make it looks oily and crispy you need some special technique and skill.   The other dish is a plate of curry fish head, as the head is covered with most of the veggies and curry, so it does not look so clear.

My handmade mini suckling pig and roasted chicken

I made the head of this suckling pig in a cute way so it won't look so scary. 

My handmade fake roasted chicken, about 50 cent coin size. 

These 2 dishes often seen in a big celebration or offering ceremony .

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Self Image Figurines

Below self images are crafted by my students, they are all beginners.  They are all first time making figurines using clay, their skill  may not be so perfect but  I can see their effort and sincerity during the process in making it. When the final images come out, I really very happy, each of them are so unique and cute, cute, cute! They are so lovely that I like to keep all of them but ,,,,,,,   I can only share them with you through these photos I taken.

When I look at these photos , I recall all the memories that I shared with them, a very happy and satisfactory moment they bring it me.  Thank you all!

Friday, May 16, 2014

dim sum 四大天王:siu mai, har gow,, chasiubao,lianlongbao

If you are new to miniature clay food, start from making a simple dim sum will be good and easy for you.  They look nice, cute and colourful . Make the simple one like pao , egg tarts, or siew mai ,,, you will love it!

dim sum 四大天王: siu mai, har gow,, chasiubao and lianlongbao

My handmade miniature clay food: mini dim sum set

Buy the ready make dim sum streamer and start making your favourite dim sum. Just for 1 lesson you can learn how to make them. (under my basic course      

Lotus leaf rice is quite popular dish among dim sum.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Miniature Dried Beef Noodles

This is recently done by a request. a bowl of dried beef noodles.  I made it into 2 sizes, a 50 cent  coin size and a 3 cm diameter bowl.  As the beef is not fully cooked so the colour of the meat i made it a bit pinky.

Fake food: Dried Beef Noodles 

My handmade miniature dried beef noodles

3 cm diameter bowl

From the top view of my dried beef noodles

this one is smaller in size 50 cent coin.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lesson @ NUS

2  weeks ago, I have an enjoyable day with the NUS  staffs .  We spent about 2.5 hrs making local snacks together.  I conduct workshop for companies, school and other private events too. As my own workshop is too small to sit so many people , I go to their places for lesson.

This workshop was conducted at NUS 

So concentrating at their work!

Happy working, Happy Learning, Happy Life!

Their master pieces.! NO mold is using, all free hands ,Kueh tutu, ice cream, curry puff , fruit tart and pao 

Friday, May 2, 2014

My handmade Mian Jian Guo/keuh (peanut pancake)

These are fake mini mian chiang kueh with sugar and peanut / coconut filling.  One of my favourite snacks when I was young. My handmade miniature  clay  mian jian guo/ kueh are really very cute and lovely.  I like it so much.

My handmade fake food: Mian Chiang kueh

I made the bigger one with coconut, chocolate and peanut filling. 

Different size of my handmade mian jian kueh 

this is the smallest one i made 

My handmade Fake food: Mian Jian kueh 

Like to have one main jian guo/kueh?