Saturday, September 28, 2013

My Mini Miniature Museum (part 2)

This is Kin's mini miniature clay food museum, a place where I teach and display my handmade clay food/figurines and dollhouse. You may not find the one you have seen in my blog before maybe because it has been sold.

Beside keeping some for my own collection, I will keep on making new items to replace those clay food that has been sold.




Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My Mini Miniature Museum (part 1)

This is my workshop in Chinatown, is also my mini miniature museum - a place where all my handmade miniature clay food/figurines and dollhouse  creations displayed showcase.

PS: the picture will not look clear if you use big screen to view. The big bowl of  clay Mee-pok is done 5 years ago. I keep until now and it still in a very good condition. 


Every thing ( my handmade clay creations) you see in this video is my hard-work.  I started my miniature's world since 2006, till now I still making my favourite food  and dolls almost everyday just because I love it so much. I like the things I do and do the things I like.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Miniature Local dishes

Below showed some of my handmade miniature clay local food for sale. Some miniature food are quite popular and once it sold out I really need some time to make a new one to replace so please let me know what type of food you are interested in . I can custom made one for you if the item is out of stocks.

A table with some of my favourite local delicious miniature clay food! 

Miniature Hokkien Mee ( Size is about a 20cent coin) on a 打包paper is not that easy to make as I need to make 2 types of mee and mixed them together one by one, add in the spring onion and make 3 super tiny prawns and sotong 

A Happy Miniature fish!!! I like the colour.

Another difficult miniature item: Laksa, I only make upon request.. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mini Miniature Angels

中秋节快乐!On this special day, I would like to share with you my handmade miniature Angel, a supernatural high vibration being.

Do you believe in angels? I do believe angels in this world although I do not see them now and I think maybe someday somewhere I will meet them. I love making angel figurines as you can see some of my handmade clay miniature angels below. These angels are not for sale but I can custom-made if you request.

PS: Custom-made miniature angel will not look exactly the same you see here as there are no 2 handmade items look the same.

Mini Miniature Angels

My handmade mini miniature clay angels' family

They  are all handmade individually 

Miniature Angels standing on a miniature wooden bench. 

 I have named all my handmade angels as below:

Singing Angel

Bible Angel

Sweet heart Angel

Happy Angel

Smiling Angel

Baby Angel

Golden Angel

Praying Angel 

Little Angel

Four cute mini angels

I have made a mini fairy too. Can you see her?

My little handmade Blue Fairy .

Monday, September 16, 2013

Specially for You, with Love

This miniature table is full of miniature clay food and drinks. I made them because you want to use them to express your love to someone that you miss and love.... that's the reason I custom -made all these miniature food and figurines when requested.

I know they will know what you did for them!


    My handmade miniature  Guinness stout beer,  Marlboro cigarette , kopi -O ,duck drumpstick,       dimsum and noodles.

Below showed another set of order , this include a set of miniature musical instrument , a drum set , ukulele and  keyboard  . A bottle of miniature wine and wine glass and her favourite food: steak and crackers and a paint board with brushes.

These handmade items are very small and quite difficult to control when making them.

Miniature bowling ball and pins.

Miniature Musical instrument.

Friday, September 13, 2013

日式和风 Mini Japanese- Style Confectionery

Below showed a box of my handmade miniature clay Japanese style confectionery recently .  I have been thinking to make such a box of mini Japanese style confectionery  for a long time and finally I started and I think I will make some more as I like these cute mini colourful cake so much.

Can you see the colourful Japan confectionery inside the Moon?

 The items on the left side of the box do not look like the Japanese Style of confectionery as I need to finish this box at that time so I put in other cakes inside instead. I will try to make as many as I can when I got more time to think of new design of these cute little confectionery. 

Miniature Japanese Style confecionery 

                                 My handmade miniature bento box and mini Japanese style confectionery.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Miniature Kueh vs Moon Cake

Delicious ,colouful and beautifully designed local kuehs are commonly found in Singapore. But what you seen below is not a real kueh but my handmade miniature clay kuehs.

PS: what you see below is about the size of a 50 cents coin plate.

This is my handmade kueh baulus.

Moon cake , you can only eat once in a year so it is very costly . 

My handmade miniature square, round and half cut moon cakes. The shape does not look the same as I did not use any mold to make them.

My favourite snack:  my handmade miniature kueh tutu....

These colourful mini flower-look snack is agar agar. (Below)

Very colourful mini agar agar..

Miniature cookies, tarts , love letters and kueh bulus.
        Some kuehs and cookies you usually see them during Chinese New Year.

I love kueh especially kuehs that made of coconut , and fill with peanuts and palm sugar. I do not know how to  make real kuehs but I can make very good miniature fake kuehs.