Monday, October 31, 2016

Custom Made Miniature Food

These are my handcrafted customized miniature dim sum , 猪肠粉  chee cheong fun, steamed spareribs, chicken feet,  Chinese tea set and apples.

 My handmade made fake food: Miniature dim sum, tea set, huat kuey, steamed spareribs , chicken      fee, 猪肠粉, porridge, apples and huat kueh.

My handmade miniature fake food porridge and chee cheong fun. 

This miniature clay huat kuey looks simple but not easy to make it correctly, especially the 4 opening sides, must be straight and not curve. 

My handmade miniature food

Miniature dim sum, tea set, huat kuey, steamed spareribs , chicken fee, 猪肠粉, porridge, apples and milk tea.

This is miniature fake food: steamed spareribs 

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Learning Journey

I spent a few hours with the staffs of  Yishun Public Library yesterday morning . They came to my Chinatown workshop and have a miniature fake food making lesson with me.  The class was pleasant and cooperative.. despite  being in a small classroom,  I really enjoyed my lesson with them.  Hope you guys enjoyed too!

Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful morning with me. 

Concentrating on their handcraft.

These are their master pieces : miniature dim sum and kueh set.  All handcrafted no mold using. Well done!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Dim Sum Dim Sum (2)

These are custom made miniature fake dim sum:  bao, har gow, siu mai, spare rib with black beans ,chicken feet,etc

My recently handcrafted fake food: dim sum 

Can you name them all? 

miniature dim sum 

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Dim Sum, Dim Sum

Dim Sum is one of the most popular  food in Singapore. Making fake dim sum is also my interest and teaching students how to make miniature fake food , such as dim sum is my great fun .

I have made many many miniature dim sum , these are part of them. Most of them are sold. 

Some are recently made some  I keep it for myself as samples.  

Prices are from $10 onwards

You can make into this miniature dim sum cart when you got enough of dim sum . 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Miniature Mini Subway Party

Recently I did this miniature mini subway using air dry clay ( I only use air dry clay for all my food and figurines ) .  To make it look like a Christmas party  ( although now is still too early) I added a red ribbon on the tray.  I made few tasty sandwich fillings for my miniature subway because I love to eat bread with tuna, egg, ham etc.  Hope you like it !

My handmade miniature mini subway party

a handmade red ribbon and two mini hearts were added to the mini subway sandwiches

I made few tasty sandwich fillings to make the miniature bread looks delicious

I called them mini subway because they are very very small. 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Miniature Mini SuperGirl

This is really hard because the figurines are too small, the height of this miniature mini super girl is about 2.5 cm , I try to make 2 cm but it does not look good so I decided to keep it at 2.5cm.  The fat supergirl is about 3 cm in height.

My handmade miniature clay supergirl 2.5 cm tall (left one)

As I am using air dry clay (water resistant type) the figurine dry out very fast 

It is so small and and not easy to handle, this is the 3rd one I finally got right. 

I like this fat super girl ! Ha ha...can't fly at all because of her weight.  I keep this for myself. 

Monday, October 3, 2016

Miniature Table of Sushi

 Miniature Japanese food is one of my popular course among all the making fake food series.  To make a plate of sushi shown below take longer time than other food as more artwork is needed when making fake sushi.

My handmade miniature sushi and sashimi 

(Below) These customized design miniature sushi were done 2 weeks ago by request.  4 types of miniature sushi on a handmade wooden table.  The colour of the sushi is bright and vibrant , the spring onion on top was also done by request.

customized design of  miniature sushi 

My handmade miniature table and sushi 

packed and ready to go!

Miniature sushi: salmon, egg, squid and tuna on a handmade table with a pair of chopsticks. 

You will learn how to make this 4 types of sushi at my 1 session Japanese sushi lesson.( this one was done by my student)