Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Clay Food Model/Replicas : A Healthy Meal

Try to find healthy and delicious meal? Here is one.

Below show my newly handmade clay food model: a bowl of grain rice, a bowl of cereal with fruits and 2 pieces of whole wheat bread with banana and small piece o fish with veggie.

My handmade Clay Food Model: A Healthy Meal

Handmade clay rice: one by one, it takes time and skill .

I like this clay fish with broccoli.  

Fake milk with clay cereal.

Clay bread with sliced banana on top. 

A Healthy Meal, all make of CLAY, cannot be eaten. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fake Rice

What you see below is fake rice, : rice made of clay. one by one I shaped them and pasted them together. It takes time and passion and you need to love them, so they come out the same, I mean the size.

Do what you love and love what you do!

Fake rice for display only. I shaped them one by one, I did not count how many are there but it all depends on the size of the bowl. The bigger the bowl , the more rice you need to make.

I made my fake clay rice in different colours.

My handmade clay fake rice in Live size.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Singapore Local Food

Look at the photos showed below,  is it look familiar to you?  These are some of the most common local dishes in Singapore . (except the abalone noodles) You can eat them at any time you like at our food centers.

I have made these Singapore dishes into smaller sizes, in miniature so you can bring them along when you moved to oversea .

These are some of my favorite Local food , I made them in miniature size so I can keep them forever...

Can you name them all?

I made a mini wooden table for all these mini food too.

See how small they are!  I am teaching miniature craft art for all ages so if you are interested in learning, please feel free to email me for more details.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Miniature Prawn Mee

Prawn noodles: a simple and satisfying dish that can be found in Singapore food court/mall . You can also find them in parts of Asia.  Al though I do not eat prawn but I like the taste of the soup. I have made a miniature prawn mee without soup.

You can learn how to make a miniature prawn mee in my intermediate course.

This miniature prawn mee is made of clay, cannot be eaten, the ingredients include prawn, veggie, fish cake, meat and some red chili.

You can add the soup if you want to, make a pair of chopstick for you mini prawn mee. 

 A plate of cooling Ice Kachang  after your prawn mee. Yummy.......

My handmade miniature clay prawn mee and ice kachang.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Desserts: Mini snow ice

Singapore's desserts are , so colourful , you can find them in every food centers   they are hot or cold, sticky or clear, wobbly or firm, healthy or sinful, just pick the one you love......these sweet temptations I just can't resist.

This new dessert snow ice is not our local dessert, I think they come from Taiwan?!  They are just good for out hot weather here!

Singapore local desserts

I like the mini corn snow ice (right). a lot of sweet corn paste is pour on to the snow ice.

This is my first try on snow ice, I did Miniature Ice Kachang before, but snow ice is the first time. Will look better next time.

Miniature Ice Kachang

Monday, May 6, 2013


A miniature is a small-scale reproduction or a small variation (from Wikipedia definition of miniature) . When making miniature clay food /figurines , I need to make different sizes  to meet different requests.

Below you can see I have made different sizes of miniature noodles. As all my miniatures are handmade one by one and if you order in a big quantity , it is still handmade and not all the same . (please do not expect a big discount on it ) . A mass production is a large amounts of standardized products usually make by machine, all the same.

Handmade items are usually more expensive compare to those machine made because the creations you made is  filled with all your attention and care, no matter it is big or small.

My handmade different sizes of Miniature Noodles.

Most of my handmade miniature food are local food, eg mee-pok, wanton mee, chicken rice/mee,  mee siam, etc.  From my figure, you can tell the different sizes.

My handmade miniature wanton mee in a bigger version.

Bigger size of miniature noodles need more materials and show more details

I should add more "ingredients"  to my wanton mee , but sometimes I just like to "eat" simple food. so please do tell me what do you like to add on if you want to make your order (custom made)  :) 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Rice vs Noodles

Chinese meals is more likely to contain either rice or noodles, you seldom see Chinese having the same meal at the same time. We just don't mix them, either rice or noodles.

In my daily meals I prefer noodles than rice. Just love to eat noodles. Below showed my handmade miniature rice and noodles.

I made a plate of miniature curry rice and a plate of miniature roasted chicken noodles.

It seem so easy to make miniature noodles but it really need skill.

To tell whether it is a roasted chicken or duck, just look at the colour of the meat.

Don't forget to add some green veggie and chilli.

For miniature rice, what I can say is it needs a lot of patience, one by one and roll them up.