Wednesday, November 15, 2017

My Handmade Miniature Dim Sum Push Cart

I handmade this little miniature wooden dim sum push cart as the client said that the place to put the cart is limited. So I cut the wood pieces by pieces and form this miniature push cart. Then I handmade all the miniature dim sum and food ( yusheng) , durian and Chinese tea pot set for her. I made little change on the arrangement that I forgot to take the picture on that day she came to collect. I am glad that she likes everything I did for her!

My handmade miniature dim sum push cart. 

Miniature dim sum push cart with table set. 

My handmade miniature dim sum food. 

My handmade miniature dim sum : egg tarts, bao, fried carrot cake, siew mai , har gow etc 

A table full of food : yu sheng , durain, and Chinese tea with tea pot, all handmade except the table and chairs. 

My handmade miniature dim sum push cart and table set. 

Monday, November 6, 2017

Miniature Food Accessories

Recently I am conducting classes for miniature food accessories for just $50 (T&C) , below are some of the miniature food and accessories you can choose from, mini macaroon, gem biscuits in a mini glass bottle that you can use for key chains or as a pendant.  You can also handmade a plate of food and use it as a ring! Have Fun!

Handmade mini macaroon and gem biscuits 

Handmade a miniature breakfast as a ring. 

Handmade mini hello kitty 

put everything inside a mini glass bottle 

Use this as a pendant.