Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fake Drink : Green Tea

Do you like Green Tea? My whole family love green tea so much.  I have made this fake green tea for someone. Hope you like it too!

       My handmade fake drink: Chinese Tea.  These  fake green tea / Chinese tea are not real , they are for                                                              
        display only. These are hardened liquid.

          This chinese style tea cup is suitable for tea house while the bigger one you can find some big
           restaurants using it to serve tea.
          The tea cup on the left hand side is normal tea as the colour is brown, on the right is the green tea.

       Please note: these are not for drink as they are all fake , for display only.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Clay Food Model/ Replicas - Fried Black Pomfret

This is custom made order  : Fried Black Pomfret (Live size).  I have made 2 of them. can you tell the differences?
People always say that the first piece of art work is always the best, but sometime the 2nd or 3rd one can also be as good as the first piece or even better. Can you tell which one  is the first piece of the model?

           My Handmade clay black pom-fret . This is real size and is quite difficult to get the right shape 
of the fish. I used clay to make it.  

                 This is another plate of clay black pomfret I have made.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Miniature Ang Ku Kueh

 I have made a lot of miniature clay Ang Ku Kueh  few days ago.
Do You Like Any Ku Kueh? It is a small round oval shaped with sticky skin and sweet filling inside.
I only eat  peanuts and coconut filling Ang Ku Kueh.

These are my handmade Ang Ku Kueh but cannot be eaten as they are made of Clay.

In the centre of the Ang Ku Kueh I added fake (my handmade peanut) peanut . 

These miniature ang ku kueh is really small.

                          The Last step of making miniature food is ,  apply glossy varnish on top of the food, especially 
          like Ang Ku Kueh.   You can see the different Ang ku kueh  with and without  varnish  on top. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Miniature Push Cart

Someone gave this mini wooden push cart to me.So I decided to start my miniature push cart business!
I have made many types of miniature fried food, such as chicken wings, pork chop, fish balls, spring rolls sell.

                               This miniature wooden push cart is movable, This is the front size.

                             This is the other size of the mini wooden push cart.

                      This is the top view of my miniature push cart with many miniature food on top

          I have made the fake chili and tomato sauce. The miniature chicken wings and fries look delicious!

                   Miniature spring rolls, miniature fish balls (big and small) miniature pork chop.

I bought the mini plastic basket online and I made the mini fake coins. Yes I made the coins. I also
 made the brown paper bags. I made it a bit oily as all my miniature food are fried!

                 I cut off some plastic to make my  mini plastic bag for my miniature push cart business!
                 The glass door can be open use as a stoarage but I have no time to make other stuffs .

            From my hand you can see how small my miniature push cart is .My handmade miniature
            food must small enough to match the cart.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Express Miniature Food Making Course (2)

This is the last 2 lessons for Suk. She completed the miniature kuehs and miniature sushi within a day. Below showed her nice work.

She did the big  miniature kueh and a box of miniature sushi. The smaller kuehs was done by me.
Miniature prawn is always a bit difficult for all beginners.


This is my handmade miniature clay kueh, mini egg tarts, ang ku kueh , rice kueh etc.

                                      These  miniature clay food was done by Suk.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Express Miniature Food Making Course

Suk, my student has finished these 4 miniature food in 2 days, she is going to have one more miniature lesson to finish the other two miniature food items.

 The basic miniature food making lesson/courses consists 6 miniature food items. Below showed the  4 miniature food done by Suk. Although she sit for the whole day, she did very well, from the pictures below showed , you can tell her work is very fine and colours used are correct and nice.

The miniature food: Korean rice is on the 3rd lesson

The "Happy Birthday" and "Fruits Basket" are the 1st and  2nd lesson. 

                  You can either choose miniature dim sum or burger set meal  for your 4th lesson.

         Suk chosen miniature dim sum, so together we make the miniature dim sum container(steamer)
         The material I used for this container  is a kind of think wood as the bamboo I used to make have
          out of stock.   You will make miniature steamer,  paos,  shou tao, and siew mai

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mini Tarts

I like this mini tarts that I had  just made but it had already been sold. I will try to make some when I got time.

                   The mini plate is about the size of a 20 cent coin.  Look closely at the tarts, the line is
                 a bit different. Most of my students can do the straight one but only few can make the other.

           You can make many different types of miniature clay tarts and put them inside a mini handmade    

            The miniature clay bread  is actually very small but compare to the plate of mini clay tarts, it
            looks quite big!

Below the photos showed the Happy Birthday done by Michelle and her daughter (10 years old). I can tell that they really have fun and enjoyed the lesson.

Once you have learned this basic lesson one, actually you can start to create your own cakes (simple one)  and pastries.  They designed their own cake and they did  very well for their first time.


          This Happy Birthday (1st basic lesson)  is done by a 10 years old girl.  Young children can do
        very well if they have patience to sit for at least 2 hours.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

26 Temple Street (chinatown)

Dear All My Friends and Followers,

Thank you for keep following my blogs.  I have removed all my miniature items from Raffles Place Toyoutpost to Chinatown, 26 Temple street. (it is inside a camera shop)

The Shop opens everyday from 10am- 7pm.  I am not at the shop all the time, but there will someone to help you. Thank You for Your Support.

You will find more my handmade miniature items at the above address. If you cannot find what you want just email me I will custom made for you. Thank You!

Price for my  handmade miniature clay food  is from $8 and above


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Miniature Chinese tea set & Huat Kueh

This is a custom made miniature Chinese Tea pot.

The varnish made the tea pot looks too shining when taking picture.

                     This is rally very small mini tea cup, with fake tea inside

                         It is not easy to make a nice miniature huat keuh. I try my best to make.