Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Miniature Kitchen with Penang Food

I have shown you my handmade miniature kitchen on my last blog.  The miniature/mini long table in front of  the cabinet  is handcrafted by wood but not made according to the kitchen ratio.  All the miniature food on top are quite popular in Penang but some are quite common here, eg  the nonya kuehs. All miniature food handmade using Clay.

My handmade miniature food and table. 

Miniature Penang Laksa, 五香,fish ball noodles, yong tau fu , chili , etc

My handmade miniature cut 五香and 豆干

My favorite nonya dessert kueh, ondeh ondeh, kueh bingka  and miniature ice kacange. 

Yummy! All miniature food  handmade using clay so you can keep forever!

I made some fake tea and poured inside the glass bottle. 

Top view of my handmade miniature kitchen and food. 

One and only one piece in the world. 

Friday, May 20, 2016

Miniature Kitchen

I really like this miniature kitchen done recently.  Everything except glass and metal are handmade one by one and it took me 3 weeks to finish.  I forgot to take the picture before I paste the mini table on it.
 As the mini wooden table , (also handmade)  is made separately and is not made according to the ration of the kitchen.  This wooden mini table itself is a piece of miniature with lots of dishes on top.( I will show you on my next coming blog)

My handmade miniature kitchen  . size: 28 x 10 cm 

My handmade miniature kitchen 

The mini wooden table is another piece of miniature art work, just added on. 

Starting like this, handcrafted basic kitchen cabinet,   a plan cabinet 

Top of the cabinet is added on 

Built in the basin, the most difficult part is this  

The basin must match very well

Handcrafted the mini stove and then placed it on top


Handmade a mini knife and some vegetables.

prepare all the necessary items such as mini plates, bottle, food etc. 

My handmade miniature kitchen 

My handmade miniature kitchen +  a mini wooden table with many miniature dishes. 

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Live Size Mr Churro

These are some of my handmade live size Mr Churro custom made order last month.  It was my first time to see these type of food and it tastes really good! ( especially the one with lots of nuts and almond on top !I Love! Soft and chewy and when the chocolate melt in your mouth with the nuts , oh really tasty!!)

My handmade Live size fake food model: Mr Churro  

All handmade one by one , all lines are crafted one by one. NO mold using 

My handmade fake live size Mr Churro with chocolate and nuts on top. 

    The difficulties of making fake Mr Churro is that , all the lines must evenly craftd on the surface  without mistakes, or not, you have to redo it again. 

There are different types of Mr Chrurro, these are some of them I handcrafted , all using clay. 

Have you try this Mr Churro? round and dip with chocolate.  The above is my handmade fake live size Mr Churro , look delicious but......this one is just for display only . 

My handmade Live size fake food model: Mr Churro

Monday, May 9, 2016

Miniature Cake & mini cake box

Do you like cakes? Do you like to make a miniature fake cake and keep it for ever?  Let's learn how to make a miniature cake and a mini cake box at Kin's Miniature Workshop! 2 hours lesson and you will bring back your own handmade miniature cake and self design mini box back home.

Miniature cakes

handmade a miniature cake and a mini cake box. 

During the 2 hours lesson, you will learn how to make a miniature whole cake and Design your own mini cake box @ $50 /pax  (minimum 2 pax) 

How lovely ! a miniature cake inside a mini cake box, all done by you!

One of the mini cake box done by my student. 

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Miniature Dinner Set Meal

Recently I handmade this miniature table with all the miniature deluxe dishes on it and I put it next to my handmade miniature garden, the whole miniature set looks even better.

Miniature Garden with miniature local dishes from Kin's miniature workshop .

My miniature dishes include a huat kueh, 年糕, steamboat, 五福大礼,dim sum,  meehoon, kaya toast etc. you can have your favorite food on this mini table. 

My handmade miniature 汤圆 and soup noodles kuey teow. 

My handmade miniature fake food 

Oh, I like the miniature sunny eggs!

From this photo , you can clearly see all my handmade miniature food.