Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Miniature Macaroons

Macaroon has very vibrant colour that's why make them so attractive  and all the colours are so beautiful.  So when making a miniature macaroon , choose the right colours is very important. Try to make at least 3 pieces in different colours , they look really good when putting  3 or 6 pieces together.

My handmade mini clay macaroons. 

they look very sweet in pink, light blue, and light green.

This tiny macaroon is really mini,  they look cute in this size.  You can  make them in a bigger size.

You can also use the  miniature macaroon  to make them into jewellery like rings, ear-rings etc.

don't forget to make a  mini box for your miniature macaroons too.

Friday, November 22, 2013

A piece of Cake

 I made this piece of miniature sliced cake recently , it is actually cut out from the whole miniature cake I made too.  It looks so tasty and delicious to me, I like to share with you. I love cakes, cakes . cakes!!!

This a handmade miniature cake with fruits and cream filling inside. You can see the cream, i love to have lots of cream on my cake and it is not healthy to eat so much cream, but this one is just for looking.  

After cutting the piece of cut remember to make the texture. 

From the top view, make a ribbon and fake chocolate sticks to decorate the miniature fake cake.

My handmade miniature cut cake with fillings.

No matter how full you are, there is always space for desserts....... how about my cake? Just for looking only.

Monday, November 18, 2013

To Someone , with Love

Below showed some of her favourite food , snack, cake , drink , games and music instruments she liked. Although all these miniature items are fake, but your expression of  (心意 ) I think she already got it.
I custom made all these miniature items as requested. They are all about size 20 cent coin or slight bigger.

To someone very special...... with love

Miniature Drum set 

Miniature western food set : beef steak, wine & tiramisu. I made the fake wine bottle and a glass of fake wine. 

Miniature bowling pins and ball 

All handmade miniature musical instrument , I find it a bit difficult to pull the wire straight as it is too small.

Miniature tiramisu 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Just 1 Miniature Clay Class

Thanks to those who commented on my posts and I am sorry did't reply you immediately . Thank you for all your support.  Six months ago I started conducting 1 lesson on Miniature clay food/wawa making classes for those who have limited time and want to make their own master pieces. Please visit   for more information. Below show some of the items that made by my students.


If your are new to this type of craft art, do not worry, below show one of my student, started from basic course, intermediate, and now finishing her advance course. She knows nothing on this art but because she is so interested in miniature stuffs so she learned from the basic.

She did this miniature ancient kitchen recently during her advance level lesson, she works from Mon to Friday and comes to my lesson on Sat or Sunday, she is very creative and capable person and have lots of ideas... and we are planning to "make out" these ideas one day in our future lessons and She is at the age of 65+ .

When teaching to my students, I also learn from them and I have a lot of fun during the lesson! Thank you!

Mary's Kitchen, she finished this clay ancient kitchen in 2 lessons.

I teach in 1 to 1 basis ,so from basic , step by step, you can make it too !

Monday, November 11, 2013

Popular Local dishes : mee pok and prawn mee

 A very good gift : miniature fake Mee Pok and Prawn Mee for those who are going oversea.    I am very happy to turn them into miniature fake food.  These 2 dishes are also the most popular dishes that eaten by Singaporeans.

I made a dried and soup miniature  mee pok in bigger size and prawn and mee 仔 in a smaller bowl.

 This handmade miniature fake food: soup fish ball mee pok is put inside a diameter  5cm  mini 
rooster bowl  

Miniature clay Singapore local dishes:  fish ball soup Mee pok, fish ball dried  mee 仔 and soup 
 prawn noodles.

I have made the soup for my miniature clay prawn mee this time, I used to make dried prawn mee.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Miniature Sandwiches

Wan and I have a great fun when making these miniature sandwiches, Wan, my student made this giant miniature sandwich while I made my cute little mini sandwiches during the intermediate lesson.  Because of her job, she told me how she is  going to make use of her handmade fake food I taught her, so as requested I teach her how to make the fake sandwiches in a slightly bigger size.

A nice photo taken by Wan (Rt) and our handmade sandwiches 

my handmade mini fake sandwiches and Wan's giant miniature sandwich 

The fake sandwich she made looks very tasty , very well done.

We do not paste the fillings of the sandwich onto the fake you can plus or minus the fillings!

While Wan is making her giant sandwich I take my time to make this 2  mini miniature sandwiches.

Fake miniature clay tuna, cheese ham, tomato and veggie, all my favourite fillings of a sandwich. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Big Surprise To Someone

I made the miniature fake food showed below because someone requested as his friend love these food  mee pok, laksa, plain rice, sushi and unagi and wanted to keep them forever.

                               Handmade miniature mee pok, laksa, rice, sushi and unagi.

The miniature white rice is about a size of 20 cent coin and you need to make them one by one .

          Add some green wasabi and yellow lemon to your miniature sushi plate and it will look more   
           colourful and nicer.