Saturday, October 27, 2012

Clay Waffle (2)

I used to buy a waffle with peanut or chocolate at 7-11 store when I am very hungry. Well, a plain waffle is very good but with some topping or icing on it , will make the waffle more tempting  , right?

I have made some decorations for my handmade clay waffle. 

 I made the fake cream and clay heart candy. 

My handmade clay waffle is about 7cm big , it is not a real/live size waffle.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Clay Waffles (1)

Good morning ! Taken your breakfast? If no, what about a piece of waffle for your breakfast?
I have made a waffle but so sorry it is a fake one!

A Waffle is a batter-base or dough-base cake cooked in a waffle iron patterned to give a characteristic size, shape and surface impression. (from Wikipedia explanation).  So in order to make a nice and pretty Clay Waffle, a mold is needed.

I have make this clay waffle using a simple mold to get the characteristic shape and surface impression.  To make the clay waffle to look real, I painted the surface.

This is a clay  waffle that I have recently made. As this is a big size waffle (about 7cm)  and in order to get the square nicely and evenly  I used a mold to press.  

If you are making a miniature size  or smaller waffle, there is no mold you can buy, by using certain skill and method you can still get the characteristic shape and square.

I painted the surface of the clay waffle.

The smaller piece on the right looks glossy as I put some varnish onto it. Can you see the different? 

The surface of the clay waffle is scattered with fake sugar.

Beside fake sugar, you can add on other interesting topping such as sweet, candy cream...etc.  You will see my handmade fake cream on top of my clay waffle in my next blog....... to be continued.....

Friday, October 19, 2012

Custom Made Miniature Steamboat Meal Set

Below showed my newly custom made order: miniature steamboat meal set. This mini steamboat meal set is slightly bigger than the one I have done before. As this metal miniature steamboat is bigger, so I have added more miniature clay food into it.

My handmade miniature steamboat meal set.

I have added a lot of mini clay food into this metal mini steamboat .

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Custom made & Ready made Miniature

The price of my handmade clay miniature creations  depends on the size and the content. There is not much different in price when you want a custom made items, it all depends on what is the thing you want me to do.  For custom made items I need some time to finish, so if you are hurry please place your order earlier.

For example, if you want a mini bowl of mee pok but I have sold out, than I will custom made one for you and the price is not different. But if you want to add on other items , the price will change too.

You can also visit my shop (arrangement of time needed)  and buy the ready made items that display in the showcase.

Below are some of my handmade custom made items

Friday, October 12, 2012

About Basic Miniature Clay Food Courses

To All My Dear Friends,

Thank you following my blog and so happy that you like my handmade miniature creations. Thank you so much.

Sorry for not answering all the questions on time as I am not always sign in my blog unless I have new creations to share.

For  those who are interested in courses, please email me  at, so I can send you the content of my miniature courses. I have renew (a little changes)  on my basic miniature clay food course content.

Below showed a piece of miniature art work done by my new students LY , who is first time dealing with clay and she is new to miniature art too. Step by step , you can also make a beautiful art piece like mine. That is the reason I wanted to teach 1 to 1, so I can concentrate and focus only You!

Thank you & Warmest regards

 This is done by my student LY. Her first master piece of miniature clay food.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Miniature Peanuts

Do you know what is this? Yes, it is peanuts, but is super mini peanuts! As requested, I have made these super mini peanuts. With the help of computer, I cut the picture of the packaging of peanuts and make this. I love peanuts so much and I will keep one for myself. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Miniature Fruit Paradise

I went to Fruit Paradise to buy a fruit tart (cake) 2 weeks ago. The food models displayed  in the shop was so attractive . so I decided to make my own mini fruit paradise too.

I used a longer time on my first miniature fruit paradise, the strawberry tart as you can see below.  And for the other 2 tarts , I decided to make it simple but still need time to prepare the topping and icing.

 Hope you like them. I love all! (real and fake one)

My first handmade miniature clay fruit paradise: strawberry tart. I have also made the paper base.

Which mini fruit paradise do you like most? 

My handmade mini clay fruit paradise , just for looking!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Moving Out to 24 Pagoda Street

To All My Dear Friends,

Good day everyone! I wish to inform you that from today onward ,  my shop  located at 26 Temple Street , Chinatown, is moving out to the following address:

The New Location is at 24 Pagoda Street, Chinatown.

From the Chinatown MRT station Exit A walk about 3 mins on your left  (the shop is inside a camera shop: Manly dept. shop)

 It is the street just behind Temple street. (a few minutes walk from the old shop). All custom made orders will be collected here from 12 Oct 2012

Sorry for all the inconvenient  caused. Thank You

If you like to buy or see the sample of the products : Please  contact me at 97593855 before you visit ( I am not always there) Thank You.



                              Above show some of my displays at my workshop/ shop