Monday, April 28, 2014

Miniature Yam Paste & Mango Sago vs Teochew style Moon Cake

Yam paste with ginkgo  is my mum's favourite dessert and most of the Teochew love yam paste too. I myself prefer the mango sago because it is not that sweet compare to the yam paste.  I made these 2 local desserts recently.

local dessert :  yam paste & mango sago 

Miniature mango sago with mango and pomelo bits

Miniature fake yam paste with pumpkin and ginkgo 

Teochew style moon cake 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Miniature Colored Wafer disc, 1980 snack

Will these colour wafer disc bring back your childhood memories?  I myself do not really like to eat this snack but they do bring back my memories ..... those were the days!

I done these by a custom order, very colourful and mini, they are about 1 cm in diameter.  Look goods! I love it...

My handmade fake mini wafer discs 

Mini coloured wafer disc 

3 different coloured wafer disc inside a mini plastic bag 

after making these colouful wafer discs, I put them into a mini plastic bag. 

see. how small they are!

You still can buy them in mama's shop...  bring me back those days!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Half cut curry puff & Muah chee

I love muah chee , especially those will filled with  coconut, black sesame, peanut filling. The one you see below are those you can buy when there is a pasar malam. I also made a curry puff in whole and the other I cut it into half.

Miniature curry puff and muah chee 

My handmade fake muah chee with lots of peanut on top 

My handmade half cut curry puff, not for eating!

I feel like eating curry puff now !

the curry puff without varnish look more real ! with the varnish on top is a layer of protection too.

Top view 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Custom-Made Miniature Food

Here are some of my  different sizes miniature custom made food.   Beside miniature food, I also do all sort of clay figurines, you may go to the link below and take a look.I can make the size you want as long as you give me enough time to process.
 Thank you so much!

For other  photos on my custom-made order, you can visit this

For custom made order or  miniature lesson: please email me at ;   or
for last minute order or lesson , please sms at 97593855.

Thank you !

These are about diameter 5 cm - 7 cm big size ice-kachang , 

size from a 20 cent coin (the plain rice)  to diameter 5 cm miniature food

these two local dessert is about diameter 5 cm miniature food: tau suan and pulot hitam

these are 50 coin size miniature clay food: tang yuan, hokkien mee, curry chicken mee and pig trotter 

Miniature local delight: hokkien mee 

My handmade tang yuan with peanut filling inside

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mini Pizza with cheese

I love the colour and shape of a pizza , I made this mini pizza is because I  want to have a pizza with  a slice cheese that being pull out from the pizza. The miniature looks good with this effect  but because it is so small and you can only see them when you put them very closely to your eyes.

My handmade miniature clay pizza with a slice pulled out and you can see the chesses 

You can made different types of ingredients that you like and put them on top of your pizza, I used the ready made pineapple as I want to see how it looks like on this pizza .(can you see the cheese that being pull out?)

My mini fake pizza.... looks delicious to me.

You can place your mini pizza on a ceramic plate, aluminium plate or a very nice metal plate.  

You can take a lesson to learn this pizza set in my 1 lesson only class (

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hot Drinks/cold Drinks & Alcoholic Drinks (part 2)

Coffer or Tea? Is this sound familiar to you? The fake miniature hot drinks and cold drinks that I made is really small , especially  the fake beer bottle about 2.5 cm.

These miniature fake beer bottle are made of Clay.

From the toothpick showed below , you can see how small they are!

Fake alcohol beverages : Mini Guiness Stout Beer Bottle

Fake Miniature Cold Drinks: all types of fruit juice, smoothies etc 

Miniature fake hot drinks: coffee black,  coffee, tea, chinese tea...Cappuccino, hot chococlate.. 

This is a custom-made Chinese tea pot with Chinese tea.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hot Drinks/Cold Drinks & Alcoholic Drinks (Part 1)

These are fake miniature beverages that I had made. Hot drinks eg coffee, tea, chinese tea, cold drinks such as orange juice, kiwi juice etc and alcohol like beers.

These are my handmade fake miniature beverages 

Oranges juice, beer , coffee and tea 

go to my next blog for a closer look at these fake miniature beverages