Saturday, July 27, 2013


过大礼 in English is known as Betrothal , ( A mutual promise to marry; an engagement: ) .  I have made a basket filled with betrothal gifts, such as : Wedding cakes, different types of sweet items (candy), 2 pairs of wooden slipper ,some red dates, peanuts, lotus, longan, oranges, 3 big joss sticks,  Dragon & Phoenix candles.

The gifts  to be exchange in Chinese customary wedding depend on the dialect group. What I made are those you often see during 过大礼. You can change the gift items to banana, coconut, sewing kits etc... depends on which type of dialect you belong to.

Happy Wedding!!

Happy Wedding!

Gift items you usually see in a basket during 过大礼 

This miniature 过大礼 gift items look very cute in this mini size.

Things to buy for bride/groom are various depends on  which type of dialect group you belong to. 

I only custom made these items ( 过大礼) )upon request and at least 3 to 4 weeks time in advance before the collection day. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Singapore Local Dessert (3) - Ice Kachang

Ice kachang is a type of cold dessert , it looks like a mountain shaved of coloured ice, the fruits and jelly are hide inside the ' mountain shaved ice'. I have made a few different types of Ice Kachang showing below. Hope you like it and by looking them can cool you down during summer time.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Singapore Local Desserts (2)

There is a wide variety of desserts in Singapore.  We can find hot or cold, sticky or clear, wobbly or firm, health or sinful desserts in Singapore hawker centers and food courts. I try my best to make them look alike in miniature size, hope you like it.

These are my handmade local desserts recently. 

Miniature Tau Suan and Pulot Hitam (boiled black glutinous rice with coconut milk). The size for this series of dessert is slightly bigger than the one I did before. The mini bowl I use is about 5cm in diameter.

This is miniature Chendol, I could not find a mini glass so I used a bowl to place them.

This is one of my favourite desserts either in cold or hot,  Bubur Cha-Cha.

See, how small they are?!

My handmade miniature ice-kachang.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Singapore Local Desserts (1)

Singapore's desserts are very colourful and delicious. Desserts make me happy so I am very happy to make them too!  Below showed my handmade miniature local desserts such as Ice Kachang, Chendol, Bubur Cha-Cha, Black glutinous rice with coconut milk and Tau Suan.

My handmade miniature Singapore local desserts. can you name them all?

These local desserts can be easily found in our hawker center/food court. But my desserts are just for looking, cannot be eaten as they are made of clay.

                Singapore local desserts.  

My handmade miniature Singapore local desserts! 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Miniature Rainbow Cake

Rainbow House is the name of my shop but most of the time people know me as Kin.  I have made this miniature rainbow layer cake on request.

My handmade miniature rainbow layer cake.

I use my handmade miniature flowers to decorate for this rainbow layer cake.

The same miniature rainbow layer cake but I use mini macarons  (difficult to make as it is too small) to decorate

Let's "eat"  the mini layer cake with your eyes only!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mini Doll Making Lesson

I have started a lesson on Mini Doll Making on last Sat .(specially request)  I really enjoyed teaching Vivien how to make these mini dolls. We have fun making these mini clay dolls.

Vivien made these 2 mini dolls during lesson. She is first time making these mini dolls.

Vivien made the 2 mini dolls on the left , I myself also make another 2 dolls during lesson.

I made an extra small dolls (right) about 1.5cm , dress as the big mini doll,  so they look like Mum and kid when standing next to each other.

Try to make as many as possible because they look so cute , can"t stop making them...dress them and make different hair style for them. 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Mini Doll (2)

Mini Dolls Making for all beginners. I will start this lesson in Aug 2013. Please email me if you are interested in learning.

You will learn 2 types of mini dolls, below show the 2nd type of doll you will learn how to make.

These 2 handmade mini dolls are very mini, about 3.5cm tall.

Cute little doll!

My handmade mini dolls using coloured clay.

You can make use of your mini dolls:  make into key chains , wall ornaments or others.

A small and cute wall ornament ...

You can paste them on to your note book.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Mini Doll (1)

These mini dolls are made of clay. Just a little coloured clay you can made you favourite design and it is very easy for all beginners. I will start this mini doll making lesson in August 2013. Dates will be posted  in my blog. You will learn how to make 2 types of mini doll during lesson, the other one will show on my next  blog.

Those who are interested can email me for details. Thank you!

My handmade mini doll using clay.

The mini doll is very small but you can adjust the height after you know how to make them.

This is the back of the mini doll with curly hair!

My happy mini doll,  Miss Daisy...

I am not a hairdresser but I can create any hair style I want on my mini doll.

Make cute little tiny accessories for your mini doll. 

I love making miniature figurines no matter it is food or doll.