Sunday, November 30, 2014

Event at Rochester Mall

On the last day of November 2014, I would like to share with you this: My miniature workshop at Rochester Mall yesterday afternoon. As Christmas is coming soon, the workshop was to teach children to make miniature Christmas tree with lots of miniature candy on top.

I had fun with these little angels and my assistants at Rochester Mall yesterday afternoon.

Before the start of the miniature lesson, it was so quiet and peaceful. The kids'  tables were so clean and neat. 

three kids sharing a mini table so we can have more space

         My two assistants helped me out at the event yesterday,  so that I can take more pictures, thank you YL & PL for your great help.

concentrating  on his art work....

Everyone is busy with their art work  

She finished most of the art work by herself, well done, lishuan

"my handmade mini christmas tree...."

Sarah was the first one to come for lesson, sweet and quiet little girl. 

with the help of their maid, Elisha & Jaron also finished their miniature christmas tree nicely.

Reagon and Megan , brother and sister.... holding their masterpiece: handmade miniature christmas tree with lots of miniature candy on top.  Nice!

she is only 3, usually I do not accept students below 5 years old, but her father has  accompanied her, so I let her join the class and she really enjoyed making the lollipop! 

Happy with her miniature tree and candy , well done, 

Brother and sister, Audrey 3 years old having great fun with her brother,Daryl.

 wearing a butterfly costume . Sarah Otoma, a Japanese girl , the last kid to join the class but with the help of her mother, she did a very good art piece

Alexander  , happy with his miniature christmas tree. Making a smart and handsome pose for me to take pictures, Thank you!

Thank you to all the children who joined the miniature class  yesterday. Thanks for the great time, all the laughter and fun we had yesterday.  Merry Christmas! 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Handmade Miniature Ice Kachang

Making miniature Ice kachang is very interesting, what you need is speed as it like the real ice, the material will dry out very fast and I found my own way to make my miniature ice kachang and I will only teach them when you reach the advance level. Xyi has come to her last miniature advance lesson, she choose to make miniature ice kachang.

My handmade miniature fake ice kachang 

different sizes /bowls of miniature fake local dessert : ice kachang 

On the right hand size and below was done by my student Xyi.  The bowl we are using is slightly bigger that the first photo as for first try, I want to make sure she can handle it well, so make a bigger size, and if your ice is overflow the bowl, the ingredients like red beans, green starched noodles etc can only paste on the ice instead putting around the bowl , like the first photo I shown above.  But it still looks very delicious and ...yummy! yummy!

Done by my student

Friday, November 21, 2014

Miniature Singapore local snack delight (1)

 These are some of my handmade miniature Singapore local snack, popiah, chwee kueh ,roti prata and  chu cheong fun  . ..all are my favourite food. I want to make all my favourite food into miniature size and I know it will take a long time to finish,,,as there are so many food I like.  Below are just some of it.

My handmade miniature Singapore  local delights

Miniature chu cheong fun, chwee kueh , tau suan, popiah.. all are fake miniature food!

Miniature clay food : singapore local snack

I want to made all my favourite Singapore local snack into miniature clay food!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Miniature Singapore Local Delights

Our food reflects the very best of of our multicultural heritage, I love Singapore food! I want to make them all into miniature food and keep forever and ever.... the miniature local food showed below are just part of my collection . I do sell them if I have 2 or more of the same food or you can place a custom made order and email to me.

My handmade miniature singapore local delights/food

can you name all these miniature singapore  local food? 

These are only some of our local delights,/food and is also part of my handmade miniature creations ..

Miniature laksa, satay, chwee kueh, popiah, nonya kueh, prawn mee fishabll noodles, wan tan mee,  kueh tutu, roti prata, nasi lemak , mee siam, mee rebus ,.......

Miniature singapore chilli crab, bak kwa, ice kachang, sandwich ice cream, mee jian kueh , yu sheng,  chee chong fun, fried mee hoon  ....

i want to make all the food that I have eaten in Singapore into miniature clay food .

These are only part of my handmade miniature singapore  local food series .

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Miniature Gift Set

I put my handmade miniature noodles: mee pok, laksa, maggie mee, prawn mee and fish ball noodles into a special frame, this become a very special gift for someone love noodles so much (like me).  You can make different sizes , for me, this frame is quite big and deep so my handmade miniature mee is in bigger size too.

My handmade gift :  miniature noodles inside a frame

Miniature laksa, mee pok, prawn mee, veggie mee & fish ball noodles

To fix the size of the frame nicely, I put two types of bowl into it

A very unique present/gift, handmade miniature noodles 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Miniature Beach chair

I took quite a long time to make this miniature beach chair. As the chair is quite small so the chair's legs really cannot support the "cloth" on it , after a few try, I finally made it.

My handmade clay miniature beaach chair , the height is about 3cm and long 6 cm

below show a smaller size and does not look so good as the height is too low , the height is only 1.5 cm and long 3 cm, so the base almost touch the floor. 

 if the size is not right, the chair will look a bit curve up and end up like this one.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Miniature Basket of Vegetables

Xyi is one of my students, she is young and very knee in learning miniature art and also very good at it.  she learned from the basic , started from a basic simple round cake and now , she can make those miniature food that need more skill .  Below show her recently handmade miniature vegetables. Very nice! Basic skill is very important, if you know the basic skill and technique , you can make almost very thing you want. So be patience , start from the basic is very important.

  I will try my best to teach students who really want to learn , that is why I teach in 1 to 1 basis . (One of my student has become a  part time miniature clay art teacher teaching at some other place. )  I believe that everyone has the potential to become a master and teach others.

Handmade vegetables by my student: Xyi

This dish  is under advance stage of my miniature clay food making.