Saturday, December 31, 2016

Birthday Party Celebrations

On the last day of year 2016, I would like to share with you the fun that I had during the 2 birthday party celebrations.These kids came to my workshop recently to have a birthday special lesson for the Birthday Girl.  We have a special lesson in making cartoon characters: the ponyo , tsum tsum and minion.  I was so happy because they really enjoyed the lesson and I do have fun with them .

Birthday girl and her sister , brother and cousins. 

beside the kids , there is 1 adult joining the class too.

These are the miniature cartoon character they done during the lesson. 

I was invited to a birthday to conduct a miniature lesson for these young kids.  The children requested to make their favourite Pokemon characters because the party theme is Pokemon!  We had a lot of fun during the lesson although the miniature food item to them is not that easy . ( because is quite small)

Fully focusing at their art piece. 

 making the miniature food pokemon burger

Birthday Girl and Boy with their super cute and pretty real cake 

These are the children's creations : miniature pokemon burger. 

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Series 3:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Hope you enjoy watching and like my Christmas series 1,2 and 3.

Making use of my handmade colourful macaroons , these pretty little figurines become even cuter standing on top of them.

My handmade miniature figurines : snow man and Santa standing on top of my handmade macaroon

Miniature snow man, Santa, ginger bread man and Christmas log cake

My handmade miniature ginger bread house with balloons. 

These are all made of air dry  CLAY !

My handmade fake macaroon is about the real size 

Merry Christmas!

There are 2 figurines in this photo done by my students, can you find them?

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Fake Macaroon

I really like to eat the real one but what you see here are all fake macaroons and they are made of CLAY. My handmade colourful macaroons, hope you like it!

These colourful macaroons are fake and the materials is just only clay.

My handmade nearly live size macaroon

The colours I use for making these fake macaroons look very soft and real

Let's make a box of macaroon using clay and keep it forever!

My handmade live size fake macaroon

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Happy Learning @ TP Library

This miniature food / figurines making workshop was conducted at TP Library. Because  this was a  3 hours  workshop so I had enough time to teach  them dim sum and self image making.

During the lesson,,, they helped one another to complete the art piece.  

Everyone is focusing on their art pieces but also enjoyed the moment they stayed together!

Miniature Dim Sum set

Cute and pretty mini figurines,,,

Handmade their mini self images....

Finally all are done ! the staffs had handmade their self images and put them together . 
We are a happy big family.

Staffs from TP Library , we had a wonderful time!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas Series 2: Miniature Christmas Terrarium

Do you want to create a special miniature terrarium for yourself or your love one? especially during this Christmas season?  Dress up your terrarium with your handmade miniature snow man, christmas tree, candy sticks, log cakes or your favourite cartoon character or a special memory ,  Just only 2hrs and you can  bring back home and treasure it always  ! Please make booking through email.

One of a kind miniature Christmas terrarium

Handmade everything you want and place them inside the terrarium 

My handmade mini snow man and Christmas tree. 

Miniature Christmas Terrarium 

Everything is so mini and cute and is all handmade 

It looks cute and unique, one and only one in the world. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Family Bonding

Family Bonding time is time the family spends together meaningfully.   Last week I spent a couple of hours with Kavita and her family do the miniature food : cakes & desserts. During this designated time , they interacted with each other helping each other  to make a nice and great master piece together.  We had a wonderful morning.

Kavita and her family

                                     Ashana and Trishan, every happy with their master pieces. 

They did the Tsum Tsum characters during the 2nd lesson. 

These are their favourite Tsum Tsum characters. 

They did very well as you can see,  the smallest vision was done by me. 


These are their fake food making lesson: cake & desserts,   These size are much more smaller  than figurines and is also more difficult. 

Friday, December 2, 2016

Christmas Series (1) : Miniature Ginger Bread House -UP

This is my handmade miniature ginger bread house -UP creation recently.  I added a few mini colourful clay balloons to my ginger bread house because I love the movie UP.  Beside the mini house, I also made a mini Christmas tree and a snow man to it. It looks really cute, hope you like it! Merry Christmas!

My handcrafted miniature ginger bread house using clay. 

I made a mini Christmas tree and placed it on the right hand side and a mini snow man on the left.  

Handmade the colouful balloons one by one and tie it on the roof top of my miniature ginger bread house. 

From the top view

The base is about 10 cm and the height of the house is about 6 cm.