Thursday, March 28, 2013

Singaporean Breakfast (1)

Recently I have made some Singaporean breakfast but all cannot be eaten as they are  made of Clay !

 Which one is your daily local breakfast? Not in the list, never mind   may be next time I will make the one you like or you can write to me and tell me.

So, What you see below is not for eating, just for display! They are my handmade clay food models.
Just for fun!

Which is your favourite local  breakfast? I will make a set of kaya toast with eggs and coffee next time .Oh! I have forgotten to put the dark sauce into my eggs.!

My favourite Singapore style breakfast is Mee Poh dried.

My handmade Clay Pao (bun) is just for display only.  Do you like my handmade clay chwee kueh?

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Miniature Cake Shop (2)

Do you like the  miniature Cake Shop ?  Let's go in the shop and take a look.

The front view of the Dollhouse: Cake Shop

The door is a bit difficult to join, I spent about 15- 20 mins to join the main body and the door. Most of the interior design has not done yet.

Open up the door, you can put your handmade miniature items inside and play with. 

Decorate the wall with your own design if you like. After putting all the mini parts into the shop, it looks really good!

A miniature cake show case with delicious miniature cake inside . The miniature cake show case is quite easy to make and the miniature cake inside remember to make in 1:12 scale

I also made some miniature food for the mini table .

I made the miniature plant and basket and a mini pumpkin to decorate the corner of the cake shop.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Miniature Cake Shop (1)

This is another miniature dollhouse I did recently. I used the half ready made shop house, construction kit  ( the wood already been cut , you just assemble them together) to build.  I only used the basic wood they provided and I made the rest using my clay.

Front view of my miniature Cake Shop

This kit provide many items , you need to be patient , one by one join them together.

A very nice miniature signboard.

From the shop window, you can see the miniature handmade cake show case. Every thing you see in the photo is provided by the construction kit except some decoration items and also  those miniature cakes in the show case. They are handmade by me . These miniature cakes are really 1:12 size . 

This is a very lovely miniature cake shop dollhouse, it can be open up and I will show you the interior on my next blog. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Making Miniature Push Cart

Connie . She is one of my student from the Advance level. came to me yesterday and together we make a very nice miniature push cart as shown below, we used about 6 hours to finish the whole cart but you can see it not finish yet. We are going to add the fake oil into the Chinese cooking pan in the next lesson.

From the top view of the miniature push cart.  Fake oil will be added to the Chinese cooking pan soon

We have added the fake oil and 油条 into the Chinese cooking pot. (updated on 23rd Mar)

These are the miniature food that this push cart selling.

                               From the side view of the wooden miniature push cart. 

Compare to my miniature push cart I did before, hers is much bigger. (see below)

Mine is smaller so I did not put the Chinese frying pan.  

Friday, March 15, 2013

A set of Miniature Mahjong

This is a miniature set of mahjong I have made as requested .

The box  is about 4cm x 4cm . The miniature mahjong is too tiny that I cannot write all the words nicely. 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Clay Food Model: A basket of Vegetables.

Clay Vegetables is one of the difficult item to me, especially make them into live size.  I do not have confident in making this basket of vegetables when I first look at the photos. After finish it, I love it so much although it may not look so perfect to you but this is handmade and I try my best. I really so thankful that I have made it!

Food Model: Basket of Vegetables (handmade by kin using Clay)

Top View of the Vegetable food model

Among all, I like the  clay Jin zhen gu (金针菇) and clay  moe gu (磨菇)the most.

The fake ice you see here is imported from oversea.

The most difficult item is those clay leaves  . 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

New Webpage at

Dear Friends,

Thanks for visiting my blog.

 Now you have one more place to view my handmade miniature creations photos at my newly webpage , please visit, at

If you are interested in buying or custom made the local dishes please also visit this webpage to view the  listing.

I have just created this webpage , more photos will be posted.

Hope you enjoy and have fun when browsing these pages. Thank you for your support and visiting.

Warmest Regards

Sunday, March 3, 2013

My Miniature Dream Dollhouse

I have reconstructed this mini wooden country mansion into my own  Miniature Dollhouse from a construction  kit (this is a simple kit that you can join all parts together so you can save a lot of time from cutting all the wood)

 In order to turn this simple wooden mansion into the one you see below, (dollhouse) I took few days to finish it. I have not finish the interior part of my mini mansion/dollhouse yet. It will take about a week to make those mini tables and chairs and other interesting miniature items.

 I did all the wall painting and flooring first before I joined them altogether and then I draw out the interior design etc .

This is the front door of my handmade miniature wooden doll house. The window is not yet finished as I would like to add some miniature flowers and plants.

This is the back of my handmade miniature wooden doll house. I can play with my handmade miniature chibko easily with a open area.

I made a mini garden for the miniature mansion too.  Can you see the reflection of the little boy? This is because I made the glass window for the mansion and the curtains too.

This is the roof top view of the my miniature doll house. One side is written "Kin" the other side is "Rainbow". I did not joint the roof firmly to the body of the house so you can remove them anytime.

PS: the original piece of wood is smooth surface, but I made them into rough surface and painted them dark red.

When I remove the roof , the internal  part can be seen and you can play with the miniature dolls. My miniature tables and chairs are not added in yet.

I made the flooring inside and outside. Do you like my handmade poodle  dog?

Let's play together! Have fun at Rainbow Doll House : by Kin