Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Miniature Food & Figurines

This is my miniature workshop at 24 Pagoda Street, Chinatown, Singapore. This is my little world full with my handmade miniature food and figurines done in the past few years ( almost 12 years). Lots of them had been sold, but I still keep some of my favorite and precious one.

My miniature world

Many miniature food and figurines have been made since 2005

I like to make different sizes not only scale 1:12

My handmade miniature local Singapore food

My handmade miniature local Singapore dessert and kuehs

This miniature display board show casing my handmade miniature local food in scale 1;12

Making miniature cartoon figurines is one of my favourite .

These special different types of laksa were made as a gift for our Late 6th president Mr SR Nathan . 

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