Sunday, July 31, 2011

Miniature clay san ceng rou (三层肉)noodles with braised egg (lu dan鲁蛋) (2)

 I have tried another plate of miniature clay san ceng rou (三层肉)noodles with lu dan .(鲁蛋). This time I have cut the lu dan into half. Hope you love it.

My handmade miniature clay food: san ceng rou (三层肉) pork noodles

beside it  is a one dollar coin.

besides  por and lu dan (braised egg) I also put veggies, spring onion and  red chilli

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Miniature Noodles with san ceng rou (三层肉)

Do you like to eat san ceng rou (三层肉)? I do not like it at all, but I like lu dan. Hope you like my handmade miniature clay san ceng rou (三层肉)noodles with lu dan .(鲁蛋)

This miniature pork noodles consists san ceng rou (三层肉), lu dan , vegetables & chilli

I have made this miniature clay pork noodles in two sizes .

Do you like my  lu dan (鲁蛋) ?

The clay pork looks more real in this size, smaller than that the texture is quite difficult to get and cannot clearly seen.

This clay san ceng rou (三层肉)needs the right colour in order to look real, I tried many times to get this.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Featured on TV MediaCorp Studios (黄金年华光辉岁月)22nd Jul 2011

I was interviewed on camera for my first time in my life  on TV. I was nervous but happy to share my miniature clay art to all of you. My two students were also featured on the show. They looked great and have confidence when making the miniatures.
I was not ready (never think of) to be interviewed by local TV and one day I received an email from the research writer of MediaCorp Chinese Entertainment Productions, asking me whether I can teach how to make the miniature food on the programme (黄金年华光辉岁月)and I agreed.

Being interviewed on television is so much different being interviewed on other medias. I was nervous but enjoyed having fun with actress 向云 and actor 周初明 and others (cameramen, producer, Jye Shan and others)  Many Thanks to them!
The show was appeared on 22nd July 2011 2pm channel 8 and will repeat again on 30th July , 1230pm 

Below are some of the pictures we taken that day.

together with 向云 and  周初明 

向云 and 周初明 are learning to made the Korean rice

Above video showed some of my handmade miniature food.

Monday, July 18, 2011

1st miniature mee poh

I think I am the first one who make the miniature mee poh in Singapore( If I am wrong, I am sorry for that) because before I started to make the miniature mee poh, I have searched for it for quite a long time but couldn't find it, so I decided to make my own miniature  mee poh.

Below is the the first student who learned it from me, she is the 1st student who made this miniature mee poh beside me. She did it quite well but still need more practice in order to make a perfect one. She is a capable and busy lady and yet she comes to learn every Sunday (unless she got job or I am busy)

 So my dear friends, step by step , be patience! Passion  and Patience are the 2 keys to make a good miniature work, of course, concentrate on the object when doing also lead you to a perfect master piece....

 Thanks to those who made clay so that I can make so many lovely things. I love all miniatures ! Thanks to clay and everything that makes my miniature's world so wonderful! Let's have fun together with clay!

The 1st mee poh learned from me. The size is about 4.5cm in diameter

She got the right and nice colour for this dish.

she did the fish ball noodles soup last lesson

PS: she already finished her intermediate course (you can also visit her blog: Miss tamchiak , a local food blogger. )

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Grand Opening, my miniature pastry shop

无中生有,create something out from nothing!  When you have a piece of clay, what will you try to make? Show all of your  imagination !  You can make whatever you want, whatever you like.  I have 3 pieces of wood, and I am going to "open" a pastry shop, a miniature pastry shop!



from top view

get ready all your dishes and wait for your customers

the doll inside this shop is princess Pearl if you have visited my blog before you will know who she is. 

The five cent coin I placed it there is to let you know how big is the size of the pastries

that's my hand :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Mini DIY Mee ear-rings

I have tried to make  ear-rings using my handmade mini mee poh.

I used the super mini bowl, which is smaller than a five cent coin for this pair of ear-rings.

I also used different types of mini bowl for my handmade mee poh ear rings.Hope you like them! (sorry, the pictures taken are so blur! it is too small, I cannot focus well, so sorry)

My friend YL.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Miniature clay food: Huat Kueh & pao

There are many miniature clay paos on the table, so cute and real, like to have one?  did you know when pao meet huat kueh is meant pao huat (包 发)? and do you know when a pao cut into half means? “包开” and do you know “包粽”(中)means?

(人的想象力非常丰富,若没有包开,包中,包发,请不要怪我。Don't blame me when nothing happens!)  But I believe in  praying.

I like to  make pao because I think because it is one of the simplest miniature creations but be careful, not to make dirty them as they must be totally white.