Thursday, March 27, 2014

Miniature Chicken Rice

One of our local delights : chicken rice, is also one of my favourite food. For a long time, I didn't make miniature chicken rice (too many other food wanted to make) and recently I made these two mini chicken rice  in different scale.

My handmade miniature fake food:  roasted chicken rice 

Singapore's beloved chicken rice in miniature form. 

From the back view of the plates.  I made the black sauce, ginger and chilli for my chicken rice , without them chicken rice is not a chicken rice

If you look carefully, the super mini rice that I made is different  in both my miniature chicken rice.

As this is the bigger version ( 3 times bigger than  the smaller one) so I added some bean sprouts and make a bigger black sauce and ginger .

This size is slightly bigger than a 20 cent coin. 

Look for supper mini sauce bowl to match this size is very difficult , so sometimes you need to make your own bowl. 

My handmade miniature chicken rice. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Mini Pig Trotters & Mini Braised Pork

This is a custom order from someone who love pig trotters, I really love this piece of art work as I think I made quite successfully. It is not that difficult that I think it was , but as there are so small and mini , a bit difficult when holding it. .... keep dropping and redo many times!!
I also made the braised pork with a  half cut egg .

My handmade mini clay Pig trotters 

The size of bowl is about 50 cent coin. I put 2 braised eggs into it. 

I do not make the whole pig trotter as we do not eat it like that... this version seen good for food

See.. how mini the pig trotters are !

My mini clay  braised pork , This is a 20 cent coin size of scale.  

Accidentally made my bowl dirty ........  =-_-= as the eggs are so small , it is very easy to get damaged or dirty once your are careless ... and if you dropped on the floor , I think you must remake another one as they are so small , you may not find them so easily 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mini kueh & bread

These two miniature snack/food are often taught in the miniature lesson as they are not that difficult and look very cute and delicious after putting them onto a small plate.  Making your own favourite miniature food is a very fun idea and thing to do when you are free or having a long holidays ( you can make many). Let's craft it yourself!

l or 2 lessons you can also make such a delicious plate of food on your own. 

My handmade miniature breads ,cut the bread into half to show the fillings inside.

Miniature kuehs, tarts and curry puff

My handmade miniature food: kuehs, tarts , cuury puff and breads.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

10 Local miniature Dishes/Food

If you are a tourist in Singapore, you must try at least one of these 10 best local food I selected during your stay in Singapore. I have made them into miniature size so I can show my tourists how these food look like. The miniature clay food that I made is using air dry clay. No oven needed. Everywhere, any time you can make them.

These are the 10 local food I selected for my tourists to try when they are in Singapore

Ice cream sandwich where you can buy only at certain areas such as: Orchard road, Merlion park area, Bugis street area

Kueh tutu with coconut or peanut filling inside, one of my favourite.... Yummy, these are fake food!

My handmade ice kachang and chendol... in miniature size, you can even bring them home for souvenir  !

Mee pok, mee rebus, mee siam , nasi lemak, laksa, local dessert such as bubur cha-cha, ice kachang and chendol , you can find/buy them in hawker centres or food courts. But these fake miniature food you can only buy from me!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Miniature KFC and Dim sum

Sam called me the last minute to book a lesson for her girlfriend on her birthday. It is a very unique and fun idea for couples to have a miniature lesson together and enjoyed the special moment together.  I shared the happiness with them too!

These are what they made during the lesson, a mini size of fake KFC and a container of Dim sum

Miniature KFC and dim sum made by Sam & his girlfriend.  This is the first time they using clay to make food!

This mini KFC is very well done, for the very first time trying,  the original and crisped chicken look good and the mini burger looks delicious too.

Sam,  first time making art and craft and miniature food, had done very well on his dim sum.
 Great Job! 

Friday, March 7, 2014

New series of my Breadtalk

Stylish and delicious! My handmade miniature bread! Making a nice and delicious miniature bread is actually not that easy as colouring or highlighting on a mini clay need practise and  practise.

Displaying these irregular shapes of bread into a basket or plate is also quite difficult for beginners as sometimes the size/shape does not match well when putting them together.

PS: I have tried many times to put them nicely into the basket and finally I decided to put them into 2 containers. 

My handmade miniature clay bread.

I used a basket and a wooden box to place all my miniature bread. 

From the top view of my mini bread

Before arranging. I made different sizes of bread just in case I may need a smaller piece of bread to fill the basket nicely.  I forgot to fill the fruit into the flower -look bread !

Hope you like my miniature bread. 

You can sign up 1 lesson on bread :
or my intermediate miniature course. (4 basic lessons needed ) 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

白饼(white cake)

白饼 is one of the old fashioned cake you can find in confectionery shop, it has a sponge cake like body and on its surface is coated with a lot of  flour .  It taste sweet and powdery and very soft, some come with fillings and some it is empty inside.  But some call them different name.

Miniature white cake 白饼


This is the actual size of my handmade 白饼

usually you can find these 白饼 pack as 3 and sell inside a transparent  plastic bag in old fashioned  confectionery shop.