Monday, June 29, 2015

Miniature Totolo

These cute little miniature totolo was handmade recently. They are really cute and I was requested to teach them (my students)  how to make it. To show them a sample,  I quickly  finished all these mini totolo in about 30 mins and try to get the easiest way to teach them,  so what you see here (the totolo) is not really in a good condition but they still look cute.

My handmade miniature totolo . Oh!, I did not make the whiskers nicely. 

The one in the center is about 6 cm in height. 

Which miniature totolo do you like? the whiskers on the right are too thick! I finished them all in 30 mins , a bit rush , so is not in a very good condition.

I love them both, hello totolo!

my handmade miniature grey totolo 

My handmade miniature totolo, this one took me less than 10 mins to finish. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Miniature Kueh! Kueh! Kueh!

I love to handmade miniature kueh not only because I love to eat but also because of the beautiful colour of the kuehs. the colours   are so rich and vibrant and I always impressed by these beautiful colors.
Although Miniature food look so small and mini  but to make a good plate of a miniature food and look real, you really need to  concentrate and be patient  on your art work .

with love and passion , step by step,  we can do everything good.

A plate of my handmade favorite miniature kueh with my love and passion in it.

my handmade miniature kueh, dim sum and breads

Which miniature plate  do you like?

on the left hand size is a plate of miniature dim sum 

my handmade miniature breads on a  handmade mini box

I used a toothpick to show you the scale of my hanmdade miniature food, 

My handmade miniature nonya kueh , egg tarts and kueh tutu 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Miniature bak ku teh set

This miniature bak ku teh set has been done many times mainly because many people love this dish and also it looks very cute with the mini yu tiao and rice on the handmade tray.


my handmade miniature food: bak ku teh with rice, yu tiao , cut chili sauce

Miniature bak ku teh set 

yummy, although this is a fake food but it still looks delicious!

I made the tray too. 

This size is special requested, so i need to find different sizes of plates and bowl and made the chopsticks and tray too. 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

My handmade miniature display board

I made this miniature display board to display my handmade miniature local food. This is mainly for my self collection. Every single piece of miniature food on top are one and only one done by me.  I will not sell this piece of art , but I can custom made for you using your own favorite food if you are interested.

My handmade display board with my miniature food on top. 

what is handmade? handmade to me is passion, love and concentration

I love every single piece of my miniature food.

Miniature food and drink 

what is your favorite food?  turn them into miniature fake food and keep them forever..............

Monday, June 8, 2015

Miniature 过大礼 (3)

This is my 3rd edition of miniature 过大礼, there are  some changes here.  As this is handmade, you cannot get back the same item you made before so I like to try on new things when I remade a same item again. Below is the 3 rd edition of my handmade miniature 过大礼,


My handmade miniature 过大礼

过大礼 items include: wooden slippers, 喜饼,五福临门,龙凤烛,oranges.

miniature 过大礼,


mini 龙凤烛

Miniature wooden slippers 

my handmade miniature 过大礼 (3),

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Miniature Ice Cream Sundaes

Do you like Ice Cream Sundae?  Oh, I love ice cream sundaes so much, that's why when I started to make these miniature ice cream sundaes I just can't stop making them!  Have a cup of sundae is really a very enjoying and happy thing do when the weather is hot! hot! hot! 

My handmade miniature fake ice cream sundaes

Very colorful and delicious fake ice cream sundae! yummy ! for just 1 lesson, You can learn how to make this delicious  sundae and bring back hone. please go to :

with different container/ glass/bowl, the miniature ice cream sundae give you different effect of feeling too!

I usually handmade my fake topping, eg ,biscuit, chocolate,   the fruits like strawberry, kiwi, mango etc,  

This size of this  miniature sundae is slightly bigger than the normal size I used to make .