Monday, April 29, 2013

Miniature Food Making for Children

She is Prathistta, 9 years old, a very sweet little girl. Her mother brought her to my miniature class 2 weeks ago.  This is her first time using clay to make her own miniature food.

For all my miniature clay making classes,  is 1 to 1 basis. I prefer teaching 1 to 1 because I can fully concentrate on my student. You even need more fully concentration on children.

I have designed a different content of miniature food making for children below 12. ( I will add or subtract some items during the lesson depends on the child's capability) .

 I hope they can enjoy during the lesson and also educate them about shaping and transforming the clay into different objects. They will learn the basic characteristics of clay and the techniques for handling it, paint texturing on clay and simple methods for creating different designs.

This is her 2nd lesson,  making mini plates and some sweet deco and pastries. 

Yummy.............. Clay food making class will help your child to develop their fine motor skills , improve hand and eye coordination. 

For adults, clay food making class will help you to fulfill your big.. big ... dreams! All doll houses start from a simple clay food making...

Friday, April 26, 2013

Miniature Dim Sum: 另类点心

I think Singaporean love dim sum very much, as you can see there are many restaurants  provide dim sum buffet. I myself do not like to eat dim sum but I love miniature dim sum so much, I love to make make them into different sizes and different way.
Here is my handmade 另类点心, as I combined most of the popular cute dim sum and put them into the mini wooden steamer. Hope you like it.  For the miniature shrimp dumpling, I used a special type of clay to make so that you can see the "shrimp" inside.

You can try to make this on your own as it is very easy , the only thing is that I cannot find a thinner thread for my green fu dai (福袋)。You can use clay to make it if you do not have the string.
As it is so small , it is a bit difficult to make the layer nicely, I do not satisfy with this one, will try better next one. 

I made the mini rabbit in red so the whole thing looks brighter and colorful. The colour of the mini  寿桃 (shou tao) looks very nice with white and light pink

This miniature shrimp dumpling need 2 steps . First finish the prawn (shrimp) first. let it dried completely. Then wrap the shrimp with your translucent clay.

My miniature clay dim sum.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Live size Fish Head

The fish head showed below is a live size CLAY food model. I made it recently . All my live size clay food models are make without using any molds/(moulds), I shape it and make them one by one. 

The difficulties of making this clay fish head is the colour. If I got the wrong colour of the fish , I have to redo it again.

Fish Head Clay Food Model with clay ginger and spring onion. This is a raw fish head

The fake ice I got from a friend

The other side view of the raw clay fish head. 

Before glossing .

This fish head is different from the one you see on top, I made the teeth too.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Miniature Breadtalk

My favourite oversea holiday breakfast is a plate with fresh, warm and aromatic bread and pastries plus a cup of nice coffee.

Welcome to my world of Miniature Bread and Pastries. I love to make miniature bread and pastries, Below show some of my handmade clay mini bread and pastries.

A table of miniature bread and pastries

Bread always look so nice in a basket, no matter it is real or fake.

This is only part of my creations.

A basket of miniature bread.

Saturday, April 13, 2013


Celebration,  may refer to : Party, a social gathering or Festival, a community gathering  to celebrate something in particular...  Below show a miniature table with lots of my handmade miniature food for a Celebration!

From the miniature food: miniature cake,  pastries, kuehs and coffee, you can tell this is a very simple birthday celebration. 

The miniature table is about 18cm x 12 cm , for miniature food it is big enough to put many of your favourite food.

The mini cup you see on the table is very small (1:12) so very things on the table such match (the size) with each other 

Let's celebrate!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Play with miniature mold

I do not use mold for my miniature clay food making but sometimes I do like to use the miniature mold for some fun as they are so adorable. Below show one of my designs using these cute little mold, just for fun!

I have made many of these sweet deco from mold and of course  you need to do some colouring after you mold it.  

I paste all these cute little sweet deco onto a cardboard. Make a special gift for someone special on special occasions.  You can come for just 1 lesson to make a unique gift on your own , you can have your own design or let me design for you.  Course fee is from $38 onward.... depends on what type of design you choosing , email me for more details.

From side view

Look very cute and sweet.

Well, although it made out from a mold it also takes some time to finish all these designs as colouring is not an easy job.

Make a gift with your own hands 
The gift that you made is filled with your love and passion as handmade = fully concentration. 
The one who received it will know and feel the warmth inside.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Miniature Cake Making Lesson

Do you like to have a lesson to make all these beautiful miniature cakes for yourself? All the miniature cakes showed below was done by my student, Connie.

If you  love cakes and thinking to keep your favourite cake forever, come and make it yourself. A special course is designed for only cake lovers you need only 3 lessons to become a miniature cake specialist .

 Email me if you are interested in learning.

These miniature cakes are to put in the show case that she had bought from oversea. ( For beginners, fake water using is not advisable. )

Look so lovely !

You can also make your own self instead of buying a one like this.

Very beautiful and tempting cakes! Step by step, You can also make one for yourself.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Clay Food Model: Sliced Salmon

This is a plate of raw salmon fish slices. Cannot be eaten, it is made of Clay. I spent quite some time to finish it as I made them layer by layer in order to get the white lines in between. You can draw the lines with white pen but it will look nicer and real if you make the line in between .

My handmade Clay salmon slices.

Live size Clay food model: Raw Salmon Slices

I love the white lines, it looks really good when you make them one by one instead of drawing them.

I got the fake ice from my friend, it looks very real and nice with the my clay salmon slices and veggie.