Monday, February 29, 2016

Handmade Miniature Wedding Couples

This handmade miniature traditional wedding couples was made for Jess's friend as a wedding present.  You can easily buy same designed miniature wedding figurines at a low price and everywhere  because they are not handmade and can produce thousands in a minute by machines .

All my handmade figurines are crafted/handmade one by one and only one in the world and they have a  higher vibration compare to the machine-made one as all handmade items no matter what it is , containing  the energy from the universe is higher than machine made.
( All  handmade items has a higher vibration . The Law of Vibration applies to all things. ) ( read more on vibration: .

My handmade miniature traditional wedding couples using clay.This miniature couple is not easy for a beginner to do as the traditional costume need to be done layer by layer and must be very careful when joining them .

kissing each other 

Not too big but just nice to place inside  the casing.  I made the heart sharp pillow too. 

The back view of the miniature couple. 

My handmade miniature wedding couple was crafted one by one and this made this piece of art a very special and unique present. 

Friday, February 26, 2016

12 Chinese Zodiac

Recently I have made the miniature 12 Chinese zodiac on sticks. Here they are!
亥.   2016 is shen申 , year of monkey. Welcome!

I and my handmade miniature 12 Chinese zodiac on sticks. 

申年, 猴年 也!My handmade miniature clay monkey on sticks. 

My lovely miniature pink rabbits. 

My handmade miniature.. cow,moo, moo...

My handmade miniature 12 Chinese zodiac on sticks. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Children Miniature Class

KY came to my miniature food making workshop last Sat with his mum and sister. This was his first time using clay to make such a tiny mini food on his own.  It was a great fun with this family during the lesson especially KY , he really enjoyed the lesson and the miniature dim sum he made.

KY and his sister, are primary school students but they can really make the miniature dim sum which I designed it for adults.  Well Done!

KY and his master piece: miniature dim sum

These miniature dim sum set were done by KY ,  his mother and his sister

Miniature fake food: dim sum making class at 24 pagoda street

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Miniature Wine Grapes Hair Clip

Below showed one of my recently handmade miniature accessories, hair clip.  Miniature wine grapes on a hair clip.

My hand crafted miniature fruit accessory , hair clip. 

Miniature food/fruit accessories making class is available at kinsminiature workshop at 24 pagoda street, Chinatown. 

Friday, February 12, 2016

Miniature Guinness Beer

These are my handmade miniature Guinness beer bottles and also stout in mini glass. I can make different sizes of Guinness bottles using clay but for the transparent mini glass, I use the ready made one.

The miniature beer bottles and beer look just nice on a miniature table .

Cheers! my handmade miniature beer bottles and beer

to match the miniature beer bottle, I need to find a super mini transparent glass 

Using clay to craft the miniature Guinness beer bottle 

Sunday, February 7, 2016


新年快乐!恭喜恭喜! 猴年行好运!

手工制作, 灵猴显灵,吉祥如意!

These are my handmade miniature clay monkeys. 

These handmade monkeys are very unique as they are one and only one, no two moneys are the same.

Monkey, one of the 12 Chinese Zodiac
I put them on a stick so you can decorate them on a flower pot or in a container, just looking at them your mood will change better!

百猴显灵, 吉祥如意 !

My handmade miniature monkey, one of the Chinese zodiac on stick.

My handmade miniature monkeys holding my handmade balloon on their hands climbing on a stick.

This view was taken from bottom, so you can clearly see each monkey's expressions!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Miniature Craft Classes

Miniature Craft Classes are available at 24 Pagoda Street, near Chinatown MRT on the following dates:  1) 13th Feb Sat 2016 2 pm: Dim Sum Making, course fee $35    2)  20th Feb Sat 2016 2 pm Japanese Sushi Making , course fee: $45,  3) 27th Feb 2016 Sat 2 pm, Nonya Kueh Making , course fee $45,   4)  5th March Sat 2 pm , Miniature Food Accessories  Making , course fee $45.  

In theses classes, you will learn how to use different techniques and different mediums to create cute and realistic , long lasting miniature food/ artwork yourself. All materials are included , minimum participant 8 paxs , duration is 2 hours .  Promotion for the above dates only.  Please make your registration through email: 

My handmade miniature clay food accessories 

Bring along your crafted miniature food wherever you go!

Different types of miniature food

My handcrafted miniature dim sum, just for looking cannot eat!

You will learn how to make these miniature fake sushi during the sushi lesson. 

My handmade nonya kueh