Friday, April 29, 2016

Mothers' Day Special Gift

Mothers' Day special miniature courses ; 1st May 1030 am, 2 pm  AND  2nd May 1030am 2 pm.
Course fee: $48 per person include materials use, duration 2 hrs.

Handmade your own gift for your mum, you will learn how to make 4 miniature food items and decorate them on a mini display easel .

Handmade 4 miniature food and decorate them on a mini canvas.

a mini display easel will be provided.  A special gift to mum. 

you will learn how to make mini sliced cakes or pastries and a whole cake. 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Dim sum dim sum I love you

Among all miniature food, I think dim sum is the most popular and one of the easier food to make.  Because it is easy and too simple , to make it look real, correct and nice is the challenging part.

My handmade miniature mini scale of dim sum , look at the tooth pick on the left and you will know how mini they are!

A closer look at the miniature dim sum and sushi.

For beginners , to make a nice bao with lines on top is not easy. 

Super mini dim sum with siew mai 

My handmade miniature suhsi

My handmade fake food: dim sum , pau, siew mian, sprig roll 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Miniature Kangaroo and Kola

My handcrafted miniature kangaroo and kola bear!  Using soft clay crafted these 2 famous animals in Australia . Hope you like it!

Miniature kangaroo and kola bear eating mini sushi 

My handmade miniature kangaroo and kola. 

The baby in the pouch of the mother kangaroo is the most difficult part of the process making kangaroo. 

Hi, I am 5 cm tall 

Miniature kangaroos and kola bears

Friday, April 15, 2016

Miniature 五福大吉利

My handmade miniature  五福大吉利 ( wu fu da Ji li )set consists  1 round red plates with 1 miniature roasted duck/steamed duck , 1 miniature steamed chicken, 1 miniature roasted Meat, 1 miniature fried fish /steamed fish and  1 miniature crab.

My handmade miniature  五福大吉利 set

A handmade red round plate with my handmade  miniature braised duck , 1 miniature steamed chicken, 1 miniature roasted Meat, 1 miniature fried fish and  1 miniature crab.

This plate's size is slight bigger , about 4.5 cm diameter and some green veggie make the whole dish looks nicer. 

 This miniature round red plate with 1 miniature roasted duck, 1 miniature steamed chicken, 1 miniature roasted Meat, 1 steamed fish and  1 miniature crab.

                                               My handmade miniature  五福大吉利 set .

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Miniature Food/Fruit Offering

Below showed super mini miniature fruit offering.  These miniature fruits are apple, orange and pear . Additional food are the huat kueh and red paozi.

My handmade miniature fruit and food offering. 

The miniature huat kueh looks very cute in this size. 

Miniature apple, orange, pear, red pao and huat kueh 

See! how small these oranges are. 

My handmade mini miniature clay food /fruits offering.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Miniature Handmade Gift

Handmade /craft it yourself a gift present to your love ones.  Image how excited they are when they saw your handmade miniature master piece , one and only one in the world present from you. I conduct lessons for people who like to make their own presents but have a little time and materials on hands, choose your design and Just spend  2 hrs with me ( group or private lesson) and you will bring back your own handmade art piece back home.

If you really do not have time , I can custom made any design you want just from $10 onward, for the following cute little animals and wording is just only $15 per piece (with mini glass mug and decoration+$5)

              You can choose your or your love one's favourite animals/food/figurines , do it yourself ! 

Or, you can handmade his/her favourite food into a miniature size and with your massage written on a mini handmade card as a gift for all occasions,  and keep it forever and ever.  J made his BF's favourite food , pasta as a birthday present for his birthday surprise. 

Or, come together and do it for each other. All lessons will be  conducted at 24 pagoda street,
 Kin's Miniature Workshop.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Miniature Local Delights

Singapore is a food paradise! You can eat all types of cuisines here. Here are some of my handmade miniature Singapore's famous cuisines. All are fake food!

Miniature Singapore Local Delights

Famous dish:  Bak ku Teh  , I made them into miniature size. 

Famous local dishes: Nasi Lemak, satay , char kway teow etc. all in miniature size

My handmade local famous dish: soup prawn noodles 

Tasty and delicious miniature char kway teow.