Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Standing Dolls

Beside making miniature food, I like to use paper clay to make standing dolls. Let's see....

Sunday, March 1, 2009

It is delicious, but DON'T eat it!

Hi, here are some of my handmade miniature food which I wish to share with you : I like mee-poh, I like mee, I like dimsum to go with chilli! delicious chinese new year goodies.... I have kept all my miniature food in a Big aluminium plate, so I can easily choose the food I want to eat; oh....miniature food are not for eating....One big plate is not enough, I need more and more because I have made so many ''food'' .
Below are some of my "food" I sell them at a very reasonable price, eg a mini cakes size like a 50cents coint and 1-1.5cm in height cost you only$4.00, and you may also have your own design .The dim-sum set is $6.00 each.
Below is a real size bento set I did recently.