Monday, April 27, 2015

Live size curry chicken

Recently, I did this live size curry chicken again because he opened another shop in Raffles city shopping mall. I do my best for all live size food model order  because all my fake food model all done by hands, no even they want 2 pieces at the same time , I still have to make one by one.

before the next step , I want to make sure the size is correct. 

adding the potatoes into it

add colours and the curry leaves 

Final product: my handmade live size curry chicken. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Miniature tooth brush and tooth paste

This is a custom made item. miniature tooth brush and tooth paste.

my handmade miniature tooth brushes and tooth paste

miniature tooth brush and tooth paste

these miniature tooth paste are really very very mini,,,

mini tooth brush 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Miniature Hot/ cold Ice Lemon Tea

Do you like ice lemon tea?  I made this glass of miniature fake ice lemon tea because it was so hot these few days! I love this mini fake ice lemon tea, looks very cute and cooling!

my handmade miniature fake ice lemon tea 

different types of mini cups for different tea, my hot beverages sell at $3 each and cold drinks at $5 

My handmade cold and hot drinks/beverages 

a miniature coconut drink go with chilli crab and ice lemon tea go with soup noodles. 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Miniature gift

They are cute and special. . This is a custom made miniature gift order , to be fair to all of them, I used the same design ( same food) but different toppings and colours ( this must done one by one) . For this project, the main food , instead crafting one by one , I used a simple mold to help me as time given was too short to handmade one by one . Of course , in this case, when mold is involved, the price of the miniature items will be lower than handmade completely.

I use  breads for this design as they are breads lovers. 

My handmade miniature gift board, can use it as a wall ornament or fridge magnet 

Miniature/DIY gifts

My handmade miniature gift for breads lovers. 

Friday, April 3, 2015

Celebrate SG50 with your hands

I am going to celebrate SG 50  with  hands to create our local miniature food.  Special miniature classes will be conducted on Every Sunday from April till Sep 2015

Dates:         Every Sunday  from April to September 2015 
Time :         10 am    1 pm  & 3 pm     miniature dim sum  set  or
Course fee: 
 A) Miniature  Dim Sum set  : $50  (include materials used , ceramic plate excluded)
 B)  Miniature Cake and Gift box making: $50

 Duration:    1.5 - 2  hrs
Minimum participants:  2
Maximum participants: 4 

Students will bring back:
for dim sum set : a handmade steamer with 2 baos ,2 siew mian
for cake/gift box: a miniature whole cake and handmade gift box for the cake

Please email me/ sms  97593855  or registered  at kinsminiature contact form   to make the booking.

Thank you & warmest regards

PS: there is some changes on the timing , please visit  for more information. Thank you. 

Images are for reference only,