Sunday, June 25, 2017

Miniature Figurines : Doll

These are some of my recently handmade mini dolls, you can use it as a magnet, key chain or whatever you can think of..  the materials is air dry clay,. I like o use air dry clay as they can dry in the air ! No oven needed.

My recently handcrafted/handmade miniature figurines.

I combined 3 of my handmade miniature dolls/wawa and make them into another form of displaying ornament. 

My handmade little mini doll for all occasions. 

You can mix and match to form the design you want. This is another type of air dry clay, it looks too!

The mini doll's height  is about 3-5 cm, 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Live Size Ice Cream Cone

These Ice cream cone is not real and you can keep it forever and ever because they won't melt. I handmade these ice cream for request and I promised them to make these because I like ice cream very much!

My handmade double scoop ice cream cone. 

I added toppings for the single scoop ice cream cone. 

These are the Live size fake ice cream cone I promised to make for them. 

Yummy yummy, although they are fake but I really like it as to me, they look like real ice cream. 

Monday, June 12, 2017

Miniature Set Meal

Recently, I handmade a miniature table , then I handcrafted some Singapore miniature set meal, this include: nasi lemak, bake ku teh, ayam penyet , chicken rice, chicken briyaniy, Janpanese bento and KFC set meal. These are all my favourite set meal. All the set meal included rice except the kfc set meal.  

my miniature set meal: 
 nasi lemak, bak ku teh, ayam penyet, chicken, rice, chicken briyani, and kfc meal set. 

On the right hand corner of the table is the miniature chicken briyani, I used yellow 
colour clay to make the rice because the rice is cooked with the yellow ginger powder so the real rice is yellow and with some onion , cucumber and a chicken drumstick. 

This mini table is with a Japanese bento Set on it. 

From this photo , you can clearly see all my handmade set meal,

This is my handmade miniature table with all the meals.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Miniature Popiah

Popiah parties are popular in Singapore and I like it so much. But if you can make a fake popiah and keep it forever ... or as a gift / present to someone who like it, isn't very unique and special? Come and learn this miniature popiah at Kinsminiature workshop located in 24 pagoda Street.

my handmade miniature fake food: popiah 

Learn how to make the fake popiah skin using clay!

Miniature fake food : Popiah 

See these fake miniature popiah,  how small they are

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Miniature Fake Food

Miniature Fake food making is a very interesting art craft that can keep your favourite forever!  No experience is required, all you need is your passion and patience. Below are some of my favourite food made of CLAY!  If you visit Chinatown , do drop by my workshop at 24 Pagoda street (inside a camera shop)  For more information , please visit my web:

My handmade miniature Fake Food. 

Miniature fake food: fish, chicken, duck , abalone..etc

       Learn the techniques of  Miniature fake food making from basic to advance ,and create you own favorite food. 

Miniature food  looks small , mini and cute!