Thursday, September 23, 2010

Miniature bride

Here comes my miniature bride and she is only 5.5cm tall, I named her little Pricess Pearl, isn't she beautiful?

This  mini doll is made for my recently handmade dollhouse, and I need a  couple  to match it. I  tried to draw those fancy and sparkling eyes (those eyes in Japanese comic book) for her, and it looks good.  Her bridegroom is coming on the way soon!

Little Prices Pearl

The following are some of the steps to follow:
First, make the body and a head.
I like to draw eyes (expression) first before I start other things.

Then put on the clothes and hands. (oh! my bow-ta bride)

Then make the hair style and accessories if you like.


The last step is to varnish the doll. (this one not yet done) wait till everything dries up.

(Sorry for my messy table ( the background) I didn't shift to another place and take photo as I have to be fast or not my clay will dry up )

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