Saturday, January 14, 2012

Clay food model - Assam Fish soup

I always get attracted when I pass by a window full of food replicates. They look so real and beautiful. 

I have made a few clay  food replicates for food stores/stalls too. I use my own method and clay to make all these. food models (replicates)  Below is one of them.It may not all look real to you but I will keep on trying to make every piece of my art work looks the best.. 

my handmade clay food model : Assam fish soup

The size of  this fish with assam  soup is bigger than a real one because the plate is quite big. And usually for displaying effect  we need to make bigger than  a real one.

Beside the fish, there are chilli, lady fingers, tomatoes, egg plants and onion inside the assam soup.

            Among all the real size clay food models (replicate)so far that I have made , this is one of my favourite handmade real size food model (replicate). You can view the real thing at NEX shopping center.

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