Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Burgers Lover

I like to make miniature clay food that I like to eat most.  I do not like to eat plain bread alone as I like to eat the fillings inside. Thanks to the one that created sandwiches and burgers, so that I can eat them both together.

            The burger looks nicer with a bit round "head". I used the real sesame  seeds.( you need to do something to the seed first)

           There is a hook on top of the mini clay burger, you can use it as a hand-phone strip or key chain.

             This mini burger is different from the others. It has a mini tomato and the colour of the meat is  
              darker. This is a miniature clay beef burger.

      To make all these miniature and live size burgers, you really need  to have a lot of  patience .

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