Friday, January 4, 2013

Miniature Sliced Cake

Never never get enough of cake , I mean miniature cakes. Once I started to make one piece of miniature cake, I cannot stop to make the 2nd, 3rd until all my clay is dried or used out.

Make a nice miniature gift box for all my handmade miniature sliced cakes. Yummy.....

I wanted to make 2 miniature sliced cakes and end up 8 pieces.

Miniature cake needs a lot of icing and topping, so if you do not prepare /pre-made them, your cake will look very simple.

I like to make different design of miniature sliced cake, it really fun!

Handmade a nice miniature gift box also needs time, you can see this miniature box is not so nice as I did it very fast , I want to put the cakes inside to see the effect, the actual length and height of the box.

These are my handmade miniature gift boxes in different sizes.

All my favourite cakes.  

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