Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mini Icing biscuits

I have told you that as requested I have made the mini kueh tutu and mini icing biscuits in my last blog.

Here comes my handmade super mini clay icing biscuits.

       These super mini Icing biscuits was once my favouite snack when I was young.  But the icing bicuits
     cannot be eaten as they are my handmade clay icing biscuits.

See, how small they are! I do not make many as too small and I made them one by one , the colour of the  icing is a bit difficult to get it nice and right.

           A plate of my handmade clay mini icing biscuits. These are the famous snack when were young , may be because of the beautiful colours that make the "watcher " happy.  Hope you are happy by just watching my handmade kueh tutu and icing biscuits and others.

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