Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mini Pizza with cheese

I love the colour and shape of a pizza , I made this mini pizza is because I  want to have a pizza with  a slice cheese that being pull out from the pizza. The miniature looks good with this effect  but because it is so small and you can only see them when you put them very closely to your eyes.

My handmade miniature clay pizza with a slice pulled out and you can see the chesses 

You can made different types of ingredients that you like and put them on top of your pizza, I used the ready made pineapple as I want to see how it looks like on this pizza .(can you see the cheese that being pull out?)

My mini fake pizza.... looks delicious to me.

You can place your mini pizza on a ceramic plate, aluminium plate or a very nice metal plate.  

You can take a lesson to learn this pizza set in my 1 lesson only class (

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