Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Handmade Miniature Ice Kachang

Making miniature Ice kachang is very interesting, what you need is speed as it like the real ice, the material will dry out very fast and I found my own way to make my miniature ice kachang and I will only teach them when you reach the advance level. Xyi has come to her last miniature advance lesson, she choose to make miniature ice kachang.

My handmade miniature fake ice kachang 

different sizes /bowls of miniature fake local dessert : ice kachang 

On the right hand size and below was done by my student Xyi.  The bowl we are using is slightly bigger that the first photo as for first try, I want to make sure she can handle it well, so make a bigger size, and if your ice is overflow the bowl, the ingredients like red beans, green starched noodles etc can only paste on the ice instead putting around the bowl , like the first photo I shown above.  But it still looks very delicious and ...yummy! yummy!

Done by my student

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