Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Miniature 5 carrots (carat) ring

When CY came to learn the carrot ring from me, I was so curious about it. So I asked him, your girl friend loves carrots so much?  He said it is a joke, as he can't afford to buy  a real 5 carat diamond ring now so he wants to make a 5 carrot (carat) ring for her. Isn't this idea so sweet and creative?!

You can buy anything you want if you got money but you may not have the creativity to make something you want ,but you can learn. He bought a carrot ring  from someone before but this time, he decided to make his own diamond ring for his girl friend. So touching! I am sure the one who received it will never forget his love and sincere .

                                              A 5 carat (carrot)  diamond ring.

               This is CY's 5 carrot (carat) ring and a mini one carrot cake .

                                           one carat (carrot) diamond ring!

        Everyone is born with creativity , don't let them sleep through your life. Wake them up!

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