Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Local Kueh / Dim Sum/Local Snack

These miniature dim sum and nonya kueh and local snack are not for eating, they are fake food. I use air dry clay to craft them . I love making miniature food specially colourful kuehs and others, I handmade them one by one. It is great fun when doing these miniature art .
Learn all these lovely miniature food at : Kin's sminature workshop at 24 pagoda street, chinatown mrt exit A 2 mins walk. 

These are my handmade miniature local snack, kuehs and dim sum 

Miniature curry puff, bao, kuehs and others.

Miniature fake food: bao, siew mian, har gau, nonya kuehs

All these miniature food are crafted one by one, 

Nonya kueh, dim sum , rice kueh, tutu kueh, curry puff etc. 

My handmade ang ku kueh, tutu kueh and layer kueh. 

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