Monday, February 29, 2016

Handmade Miniature Wedding Couples

This handmade miniature traditional wedding couples was made for Jess's friend as a wedding present.  You can easily buy same designed miniature wedding figurines at a low price and everywhere  because they are not handmade and can produce thousands in a minute by machines .

All my handmade figurines are crafted/handmade one by one and only one in the world and they have a  higher vibration compare to the machine-made one as all handmade items no matter what it is , containing  the energy from the universe is higher than machine made.
( All  handmade items has a higher vibration . The Law of Vibration applies to all things. ) ( read more on vibration: .

My handmade miniature traditional wedding couples using clay.This miniature couple is not easy for a beginner to do as the traditional costume need to be done layer by layer and must be very careful when joining them .

kissing each other 

Not too big but just nice to place inside  the casing.  I made the heart sharp pillow too. 

The back view of the miniature couple. 

My handmade miniature wedding couple was crafted one by one and this made this piece of art a very special and unique present. 

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