Monday, March 28, 2016

Soup Noodles & Mee

Boiled fish balls and shrimps served with noodles of different kinds is a very popular dish with Singaporeans. I handcrafted them into miniature fake food either in small scale or live size.  Making miniature food/figurines is one of my favorite hobbies. Now this hobby has become my job. Love your job and do what you love!

My handmade miniature fish ball noodles and prawn mee. 

on the right hand size of the photo is the miniature kueh teow with fishballs

Which is your favourite miniature soup noodles? 

This is a small scale miniature prawn mee/noodles with rich pork stock but cannot be eaten because it is a fake food. 

Miniature prawn mee/noodles

My handmade mini /miniature fish balls noodles with soup. 

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