Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Express Miniature Food Making Course

Suk, my student has finished these 4 miniature food in 2 days, she is going to have one more miniature lesson to finish the other two miniature food items.

 The basic miniature food making lesson/courses consists 6 miniature food items. Below showed the  4 miniature food done by Suk. Although she sit for the whole day, she did very well, from the pictures below showed , you can tell her work is very fine and colours used are correct and nice.

The miniature food: Korean rice is on the 3rd lesson

The "Happy Birthday" and "Fruits Basket" are the 1st and  2nd lesson. 

                  You can either choose miniature dim sum or burger set meal  for your 4th lesson.

         Suk chosen miniature dim sum, so together we make the miniature dim sum container(steamer)
         The material I used for this container  is a kind of think wood as the bamboo I used to make have
          out of stock.   You will make miniature steamer,  paos,  shou tao, and siew mai

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