Monday, June 18, 2012

Miniature Push Cart

Someone gave this mini wooden push cart to me.So I decided to start my miniature push cart business!
I have made many types of miniature fried food, such as chicken wings, pork chop, fish balls, spring rolls sell.

                               This miniature wooden push cart is movable, This is the front size.

                             This is the other size of the mini wooden push cart.

                      This is the top view of my miniature push cart with many miniature food on top

          I have made the fake chili and tomato sauce. The miniature chicken wings and fries look delicious!

                   Miniature spring rolls, miniature fish balls (big and small) miniature pork chop.

I bought the mini plastic basket online and I made the mini fake coins. Yes I made the coins. I also
 made the brown paper bags. I made it a bit oily as all my miniature food are fried!

                 I cut off some plastic to make my  mini plastic bag for my miniature push cart business!
                 The glass door can be open use as a stoarage but I have no time to make other stuffs .

            From my hand you can see how small my miniature push cart is .My handmade miniature
            food must small enough to match the cart.

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