Friday, October 12, 2012

About Basic Miniature Clay Food Courses

To All My Dear Friends,

Thank you following my blog and so happy that you like my handmade miniature creations. Thank you so much.

Sorry for not answering all the questions on time as I am not always sign in my blog unless I have new creations to share.

For  those who are interested in courses, please email me  at, so I can send you the content of my miniature courses. I have renew (a little changes)  on my basic miniature clay food course content.

Below showed a piece of miniature art work done by my new students LY , who is first time dealing with clay and she is new to miniature art too. Step by step , you can also make a beautiful art piece like mine. That is the reason I wanted to teach 1 to 1, so I can concentrate and focus only You!

Thank you & Warmest regards

 This is done by my student LY. Her first master piece of miniature clay food.

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