Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Clay Waffles (1)

Good morning ! Taken your breakfast? If no, what about a piece of waffle for your breakfast?
I have made a waffle but so sorry it is a fake one!

A Waffle is a batter-base or dough-base cake cooked in a waffle iron patterned to give a characteristic size, shape and surface impression. (from Wikipedia explanation).  So in order to make a nice and pretty Clay Waffle, a mold is needed.

I have make this clay waffle using a simple mold to get the characteristic shape and surface impression.  To make the clay waffle to look real, I painted the surface.

This is a clay  waffle that I have recently made. As this is a big size waffle (about 7cm)  and in order to get the square nicely and evenly  I used a mold to press.  

If you are making a miniature size  or smaller waffle, there is no mold you can buy, by using certain skill and method you can still get the characteristic shape and square.

I painted the surface of the clay waffle.

The smaller piece on the right looks glossy as I put some varnish onto it. Can you see the different? 

The surface of the clay waffle is scattered with fake sugar.

Beside fake sugar, you can add on other interesting topping such as sweet, candy cream...etc.  You will see my handmade fake cream on top of my clay waffle in my next blog....... to be continued.....

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