Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Miniature Dim Sum Set

Recently one of my students showed me a new type of materials she bought. I tried to use this to make a miniature dim sum container, it looks good, but colour is too light and difficult to stick.

As the color of the mini container is too  light,  so I used a lighter and brighter colour to make the miniature paos , egg tart and siew mai , in order to match the mini steamer .

It looks very nice if you match the colours correctly.  I have made the miniature rabbit-like shou tao
(寿桃),the mini rabbit looks very cute.

On the right hand top steamer, you can see a 馒头 with some black sand on top, I wanted to make a black sesame 馒头

For the egg tart, I use a very simple and cheapest way to make it, you can learn this skill at my basic clay food beginner course lesson.

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