Monday, May 6, 2013


A miniature is a small-scale reproduction or a small variation (from Wikipedia definition of miniature) . When making miniature clay food /figurines , I need to make different sizes  to meet different requests.

Below you can see I have made different sizes of miniature noodles. As all my miniatures are handmade one by one and if you order in a big quantity , it is still handmade and not all the same . (please do not expect a big discount on it ) . A mass production is a large amounts of standardized products usually make by machine, all the same.

Handmade items are usually more expensive compare to those machine made because the creations you made is  filled with all your attention and care, no matter it is big or small.

My handmade different sizes of Miniature Noodles.

Most of my handmade miniature food are local food, eg mee-pok, wanton mee, chicken rice/mee,  mee siam, etc.  From my figure, you can tell the different sizes.

My handmade miniature wanton mee in a bigger version.

Bigger size of miniature noodles need more materials and show more details

I should add more "ingredients"  to my wanton mee , but sometimes I just like to "eat" simple food. so please do tell me what do you like to add on if you want to make your order (custom made)  :) 

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