Thursday, July 26, 2012

All my Photos are GONE!!

Dear Friends,

I am so sorry that You are now unable to see all my valued photos of my blog. This is because I have accidently  deleted my photos when I tried out Android on my new Samsung Note yesterday.

I saw all the photos in Gallery and I thought it was just the images from my photos albums, so without a thought I deleted the images from the phone, with no warning on the phone advising that by deleting the images from the hone it would sync back to web albums and delete all imges from Picasa.(my blog)

Many years and time uploading and blogging and organizing  just a second,  GONE!!!

Can anyone HELP??? or how can I replace the photos again??

  I am very very UPSET that lost all these valued photos. My silly sadly deletion!! But I will try my best to replace all the photos back.


PS: I will put back the photos as many as I can, one by one ( I got back up some) . I know it will take quite a long time but what to do......


  1. Aiyor so sad! No wonder l saw blank page few days ago, re-upload slowly, what to do.. sian*

    Eric from KL

  2. Hi Eric , good to hear from you from KL. So sad hor >o< Like me miniature steam boat?? The metal steamboat is much much smaller that the one you bought. Enjoy your new life in KL.