Sunday, October 6, 2013

Miniature KFC Meal Box

Love KFC so much, so ....good! Want to keep it forever?  I love KFC so I decided to make one miniature meal box and keep it forever.

My handmade miniature KFC Meal Box

Mini burger , mini fries , fake coke and mini fried chicken , you can add more fried chicken or burger into this meal box because this is you custom made meal box! Oh .. the sesame seed look a bit too big on the picture!!

I love KFC, what about you? You can learn how to make a miniature burger in the basic course 

Miniature KFC Meal Box Set

Cut a piece of wrapping paper for the min burger and also design the meal box with the KFC logo.

Add some fake ice into the fake coke to make it looks more real..

See, how small the miniature clay chicken wing!

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