Monday, May 26, 2014

Mini Roasted Chicken & Suckling Pig

In my whole life I only see a real suckling pig once if I am not wrong. The head of a real suckling pig does not look good to me so when I made a fake suckling pig, I made them in a cute way.  so it won't look so scary .  I also made a mini roasted chicken and to make it looks oily and crispy you need some special technique and skill.   The other dish is a plate of curry fish head, as the head is covered with most of the veggies and curry, so it does not look so clear.

My handmade mini suckling pig and roasted chicken

I made the head of this suckling pig in a cute way so it won't look so scary. 

My handmade fake roasted chicken, about 50 cent coin size. 

These 2 dishes often seen in a big celebration or offering ceremony .

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