Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Miniature Sandwiches

Wan and I have a great fun when making these miniature sandwiches, Wan, my student made this giant miniature sandwich while I made my cute little mini sandwiches during the intermediate lesson.  Because of her job, she told me how she is  going to make use of her handmade fake food I taught her, so as requested I teach her how to make the fake sandwiches in a slightly bigger size.

A nice photo taken by Wan (Rt) and our handmade sandwiches 

my handmade mini fake sandwiches and Wan's giant miniature sandwich 

The fake sandwich she made looks very tasty , very well done.

We do not paste the fillings of the sandwich onto the fake you can plus or minus the fillings!

While Wan is making her giant sandwich I take my time to make this 2  mini miniature sandwiches.

Fake miniature clay tuna, cheese ham, tomato and veggie, all my favourite fillings of a sandwich. 

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