Friday, February 6, 2015

My 10th Anniversary of Miniature Art - miniature food series (2)

I would like to share with you my handmade miniature clay food that I have made for the past 10 years..  Beside making super mini size of fake food, I also make live/ real size of fake food, to me, making a live size fake food is a very challenging job . I do not use mold at all, all is shaped out from my both hands and it takes longer time and concentration when making them.

There are more and more photos but I cannot show you all here, hope you like my miniature clay food  and thank you for supporting me these years. Thank you very much. 

My handmade Singapore food in live size  (fake food model)

My handmade local Singapore food: chicken rice 

My handmade local Singapore food in live /real size 

My handmade  Singapore food: miniature clay food,  yong tau foo 

 Singapore food:  miniature mee siam 

local Singapore food:  my handmade miniature fake Laksa

My handmade local Singapore  kueh tutu  

My handmade local Singapore desserts : Ice kachang  and others 


                                                My handmade local Singapore snacks and desserts

 local Singapore food: miniature fake satay

My handmade local Singapore fake food: nasi lemak 

                                           My handmade  miniature clay food

My handmade live size fake food:  Japanese bento box 

Miniature waffle 

Miniature cake

My handmade mini and live size burgers 

My handmade miniature pastries: breads 

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